Updated: Jan 9, 2020

John Thomas Toys are so proud of our innovative platinum silicone dildos and large silicone dongs that we are always looking for new ways to attract customers so they can enjoy the ultimate sex toys money can buy.

While many of our adult toy customers come to us through the power of word of mouth, others find us when they are looking for platinum silicone dongs or huge silicone dildos via the crop of search engines available.

John Thomas Toys can be purchased direct from our website (which incidentally has an ‘excellent’ rating as can be seen on Trustpilot’s independently verified consumer website

Trustpilot only allows genuine customer reviews to be used when a company is appraised. Users may review a company under their own volition or at the request of the company whose services or goods they have obtained.

A stringent compliance team ensure that only real reviews are published and if there is anything suspicious then they are swiftly removed. Therefore, if you intend to purchase anything from a company, if they have a good standing on Trustpilot (and sufficient reviews to make up that reputation) then you can be confident you will be getting what you ordered within the timescale promised.

Aside from our website, John Thomas Toys customers often purchase from other e-commerce marketplaces such as eBay and Etsy. We love being able to cast our net far and wide because we know that our goods make such wonderful sex toys guaranteed to deliver lots of fun alone or with your partner.

John Thomas Toys also enjoy keeping in touch with our customers in a variety of ways. We have a GDPR complaint mailing list which you are most welcome to opt into. This allows us to bring you exciting news and special offers in the world of our platinum silicone dongs and huge silicone dildos.

Furthermore, we have accounts with both Facebook and Twitter. These social medial platforms also facilitate our ability to bring you up to the minute new offers and discounts and new sex toys due for release. They also serve as an excellent and highly convenient means for our adult toy customers to get in touch with us. It may be that you are requiring some help or advice prior to a purchase, or you have a query or concern having already completed the checkout process.

In addition to those two social media giants, we also have an account with Instagram which we endeavour to utilise in much the same way. Because we have found that most adult toy customers use at least one of these forms of interactions, we feel we have largely covered all bases so getting in touch is quick, easy and painless!

For those that prefer, you may telephone us or even drop us a letter – all our contact details are easy to find on our website. Our site even features a chat option for those times when you want a speedier response.

For the rest of this article we are going to have a brief look at Instagram. While most of us are at least reasonably familiar with it, for the benefit of those that have never heard of it, we shall continue.

Instagram was founded in 2010 and was delivered initially solely to people who used Apple mobile devices (iOS). Like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is a social media platform. The emphasis on Instagram compared to the other two is that it is predominantly more for sharing pictures and videos with friends and family.

Following its mass success, it became available on Android devices and Windows Mobiles. It is also available online however some of the features are deliberately limited. Instagram is designed to be used on the go. It allows users to post what they are up to and share images of where they are from their phones or tablets.

Instagram now has over a billion users worldwide and is a great platform for us to be able to showcase our medical grade platinum silicone dongs and other fabulous adult toys.

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