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Labiaplasty – Designer Vaginas

Within these articles we are looking at subject matter which is related in part to the use of adult toys or sex toys such as platinum silicone dongs. Today we are looking at a medical procedure which some women elect to have which affects the way their vagina’s look.

Women have many differences anatomically, regarding how their genital area looks. As a consequence of some female adult entertainment stars having what are perceived to be perfect vaginas – this has led to some women feeling pressurized to conform.

It is likely that as women have become more interested in removing pubic hair sometimes completely, that differences in bodies has become more apparent. Therefore as a consequence of more of women’s genitals being exposed plus porn stars being portrayed as having a desirable look there has been an uptake in women who wish to undergo the knife to feel better about themselves.

The folds of skin which surround the outside of woman’s vagina (known as the vulva) are the elements which are often altered surgically. For some women this is an area of their body which they feel totally uncomfortable about. As a consequence, while they may feel at ease masturbating alone with a platinum silicone dong or huge silicone dildo, they are liable to be embarrassed being intimate with a partner.

Indeed some women who are concerned about the aesthetics of their labia minora and labia majora (the external vaginal skin folds) insist on having sex in the dark with their partner, totally ban their partner performing oral sex on them or they stay single and just use large silicone dongs or jumbo silicone dildos when alone.

Having a Labiaplasty involves skin removal of the labia for which you would need to be placed under sedation with a general anesthetic. The operation if done by a skilled doctor is liable to greatly improve the look of this area however there are many risks associated – not least the chance of not waking up from the anesthetic! For this reason there are many adults who believe non-essential surgery is foolish as you are potentially risking your life.

However, some adult toy lovers who use large silicone dongs are desperately upset about the way their vagina’s look at present and for these women any associated risks is worth it.

If a person is upset about the appearance of a body part then this has the potential to cause them to experience depression or shame and a loss of confidence from not having a positive body image.

Generally speaking if you wanted to improve the look of your vulva you would have to pay privately to see a doctor. If this area was particularly abnormal or affecting your sex life or ability to urinate or give birth then it is feasible that you could get the operation funded.

A common reason why women opt to have a labiaplasty is because their vaginal area may have changed in the way it looks, this is unlikely to be as a consequence of playing with their standard sized platinum silicone dongs, but from giving birth!

Please bare in mind though, repetitive use of huge silicone dongs or jumbo silicone dildos do have the potential to stretch the vagina and anus and leave a permanent cosmetic change – if you are interested in body modification though this may be desirable.

Some women may have what they perceive as an unattractive vulva due to a congenital condition or it may be due to changes in anatomy as a consequence of aging.

While the removal of labia skin is not a new operation, for cosmetic motivations it is relatively new. It is now estimated that around 40% of operations are self elected for appearance reasons. The vast majority of sex toy lovers report that they are happy with the results of their ‘designer vagina’.

However, with all surgery (aside from the risk identified earlier) there are other things to consider. The surgery could actually make the area look worse if the doctor is not particularly skilled. Furthermore it is feasible that you could experience infection, pain or bleeding of the area.

In addition, one pertinent potential side effect is loss of sensation. If you are used to great stimulation when using your sex toys or adult toys it may be that suddenly it doesn’t feel so good – so bare that in mind before you go under the knife.

In conclusion, most women who have the surgery feel better about themselves and may even allow themselves to enjoy oral sex with their partner for the first time.