Lactophilia – breast milk fetish

We have previously addressed a sexual fetish whereby men and women sex toy lovers may be drawn to a pregnant woman as a source of their sexual desire.

In this article we look at a related fetish which adult toy lovers may find curious to read about. Again, whether you prefer a large silicone dong or small silicone dildo read on!

Lactophilia is also known as erotic lactation.

When a woman is pregnant or has recently given birth her breasts swell and begin to produce milk in a process known as lactation.

The milk is produced obviously so she can feed her child. Breast milk fed children are reported (according to scientific research) to receive far superior milk than those that are bottle fed.

Indeed, the first milk which is produced by the breasts is called Colostrum and carries within it the mothers immunity to diseases which could otherwise impact the newborn child.

Lactophiliacs are those adults who have a sexual fetish for breast milk. Therefore in order to illicit a sexual response within themselves they need to fantasize about or be in actual proximity of breast milk.

Unless your female partner is pregnant or prenatal then it is unlikely that her breasts will be producing milk. Therefore, if you are a Lactophiliac finding a source for your eroticism may be a difficult challenge!

Indeed, some male Lactophiliacs did not realise that they were aroused by breast milk until their partners became pregnant. Indeed many men report that they find their partners more attractive when they are with child. This may be because their adult toy loving spouse is carrying their offspring so from a primal viewpoint for some reason they are seen as more attractive and this helps by making the father wanting to stay close by their side.

From a heterosexual man’s perspective a pregnant woman’s breast size will increase when lactating so it is highly likely that the adult toy loving male will desire his partner more.

Furthermore, when a woman is pregnant or has given birth there are major hormonal changes taking place within her which could result in the male being drawn closer to her.

Both men and women can be sexually aroused by breast milk of a lactating female.

Some adults actively seek out pregnant women to have sexual encounters with so they can engage in breastfeeding behaviours with them.

Because there is a demand from fetishists there are even those women who use their breast milk to make money. This may be achieved by advertising to sex toy loving men and women that they can have erotic breast feeding sessions with them.

If that is outside of their comfort zone, then some lactating women may sell their milk in various forms. Indeed, in some shops in America everything on sale is made from breastmilk.

This could include milk, cheese, cream, biscuits, cakes etc.

There appears to be a genuine demand among fetishists who wish to ingest another woman’s milk and prices can be quite high.

Of the arguments which can justify this fetish, it appears that of the more tangible is the desire to return to being an infant. Perhaps the fetishist was breastfed as a child and remembers it as a safe and happy time.

Alternatively it may be that they were not breastfed and wish to experience it in conjunction with having sex or using an adult toy or sex toy.

In addition it may be a longing which is expressed as a desire for breastmilk when in reality they are just lonely and depressed souls looking for some comfort from a mother figure.

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