Machine sex with your platinum silicone dong

Updated: May 13, 2020

Lovers of sex toys and adult toys such as platinum silicone dildo gain a lot of pleasure from the use of their items. At John Thomas Toys we strive to deliver quality, durable, innovative products which you can use time after time – alone or with a partner.

The use of platinum silicone dongs attached to sex machines or fucking machines is becoming extremely popular. Provided the sex toy you attach is not too big or too heavy and that the sex machine in question is of sufficient spec then you can expect a lot of fun!

The best thing about an adult toy attached to a fucking machine is that you can have a full blown penetrative experience irrespective of whether you are in a relationship or not. Lots of single people use sex machines with their adult toys attached, but also those in relationships use them as well. Sometimes husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is away and you may find yourself feeling in need or some sexual relief.

Alternatively, there are occasions when even if your partner is present that you may wish to indulge with the use of a sex machine and platinum silicone dildo. It may be that your partner is tired or has a lower libido than you or factors such as their diet and age have effected their sexual performance. Irrespective, provided your partner is happy that you use one, a sex machine with sex toy attached is a great piece of kit.

A sex machine (of sufficiently high quality) will offer the user a choice of speeds. Therefore, you may start off slowly as you get used to the adult toy attached and you begin to get warmed up. Once you are in your stride you can then crank up the speed a bit. Sex machines generally offer you the ability to control the speed via a wired (or wireless) hand held speed controller – the best machines also feature an emergency stop button too which is always comforting to have!

Really good sex machines such as the Shockspot (warning very expensive!) allow the user to adjust the stroke length with the push of a button. Cheaper machines may also have a similar manual adjustment option. Adjusting the stroke length means you are in effect creating the perfect bespoke penetrative experience which you are liable to enjoy.

Some people like a fast shallow penetrative action, others on the other hand prefer a long slow deep penetrative rhythm as their sex toy pushes inside their anus or vagina. A sex machine will never tire and stop working when you get to your climax. On the contrary, if needs be you should be able to put the speed up at the right moment and totally indulge as your platinum silicone dong puts you through it’s paces.

Some lower spec sex machines suggest that you do not use them for longer than 20-30 minutes at a time – this is therefore something to think about before you consider purchasing one – especially if you were hoping for your sessions to last longer than this! Top end sex machines should be fine to use for a lot longer than that but obviously verify with your provider beforehand. It is also worth discussing either with them or with John Thomas Toys the suitability of the sex toy you plan to put on the end of the machine. Some are just too big and heavy unfortunately but most of the small and medium sizes in our range of platinum silicone dongs should be absolutely fine.

Some sex machines can take attachments which allow a woman to experience simultaneous double penetration. Therefore they are being penetrated anally and vaginally at the same time. This sort of sex machine use is more for the seasoned sex toy veteran though!

If you don’t fancy using a sex machine to achieve double penetration and you do not know two other males willing to oblige then you can always use the John Thomas Toys Double Bubble platinum silicone dildo. This sex toy features a larger thicker dildo and a smaller thinner one conjoined into one handy design. This design is available in four handy sizes ranging from 7” up to a whopping 16”

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