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Updated: May 18, 2020

In this blog thus far we have covered a lot of pertinent areas which relate to sex toys and adult toys such as platinum silicone dongs or large silicone dildos. Men and women of all gender identities and sexual orientation love to use quality medical grade sex toys when they indulge in alone time masturbation or they are being intimate with their sexual partner.

Some adults use these kinds of sex toys as a means of foreplay with their partner which help to get them into the mood prior to penetrative sex; for others they are used for full penetration. Some men who suffer from erectile dysfunction may wear platinum silicone dongs attached to vac-u-lock compatible harnesses. Thereby they are still able to feel like they are satisfying their sexual partner despite being unable to gain or sustain an erect penis.

Other men wear strap on platinum silicone dongs possibly because they suffer from premature ejaculation. Wearing a sex toy in this manner means they can satisfy their partner and then upon reaching that point they can remove the appendage and penetrate using their own penis until they too also climax.

Some men are insecure about the size of their penis, or it may be that their partner desires a particularly long or thick penis to penetrate them. As a consequence, these men may wear much larger platinum silicone dildos when they have sex. Sometimes their partner may have a sexual fantasy about being penetrated by a wild animal, alien creature or other mythical beast. If your understanding partner wears a platinum silicone dong of one of these varieties for you then you can really indulge yourself and imagine your dreams coming true.

Sometimes women wish to penetrate their female sexual partners and as a consequence they may also wear platinum silicone dongs attached to a harness. With a large silicone dildo attached they can then vaginally or anally penetrate their partners. There are even some sex toys suitable for women to wear which can facilitate double penetration with their female partner thereby two conjoined sex toys simultaneously push inside the anus and vagina of the recipient.

Some men allow their wives to also wear strap on platinum silicone dildos so they can be anally penetrated themselves. A lot of men shy away from this sort of thing for fear that it raises a question about their sexuality or manhood. Women report finding the experience wonderful and empowering though!

Aside from platinum silicone dildos and platinum silicone dongs there are other types of platinum silicone sex toys which are commonly used in the bedroom. A great alternative to the usual type of adult toy is the platinum silicone butt plug. As the name suggests, this sex toy is worn inside the anus by the sex toy enthusiast.

The anus is full of nerve endings and if stimulated by the use of a butt plug or other sex toy then a lot of pleasurable sensations can be experienced. It is imperative to once again mention, that the anus cannot produce its own lubrication. We mention this because the woman’s vagina, when sexually aroused, is able to secrete a fluid which acts to make penetrative sex much more easily achieved.

A platinum silicone butt plug is a great way to engage in satisfying anal play on your own or with your sexual partner. Some adults like to wear these sex toys inside their anus for a short period of time because they produce enjoyable sexual feelings. Practitioners of BDSM role-playing are also often enthusiastic about their employment.

A platinum silicone butt plug may be worn by the submissive partner in the BDSM role play as a type of humiliation or torture potentially. Aside from the erotic feelings produced, the butt plug creates a very sexual aesthetic when used with your partner.

Platinum silicone butt plugs also serve to open up the anus. The effect of having the plug in means that the sphincter muscles around the anus loosen temporarily. With the anal muscles relaxed, it means that once the platinum silicone butt plug is taken out there is a loose open canal which is easily accessible for your partner to penetrate with his penis (if he is male) or with a large silicone dong irrespective of their sex.

Predominantly used by women, vibrators are another great sex toy to stimulate and arouse yourself and your partner – they are ideal for arousing the woman’s clitoris or if placed on the nipples.

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