Male Masturbators (3)

Updated: May 18, 2020

The chamber in Fleshlights is usually quite tight so that the penis feels a gentle pressure round it akin to being inside the equivalent human orifice. Design of these sex toys has come on leaps and bounds in the years since they were first launched. As a consequence they have become more and more realistic over time. Not only do these sex toys look genuine when you examine the detailing, the texture is also very similar to the real thing. The material is very soft and pliable and textured like human skin. The favoured material for a lot of these adult toys is platinum silicone because it can be made to be very realistic and it is body safe and hypoallergenic.

The chamber within which the penis is placed has also been improved over the years and nowadays it is quite the trend for famous porn stars to have molds taken from their own vaginas including their vaginal passage which can then be recreated into the sex toys which men can use.

Male masturbators of this variety are great for men of all sexual orientations as a means to self pleasure. Indeed, many male porn stars also now offer anal equivalents which realistic versions of their anus, complete with sphincter muscles and anal passage.

Some men prefer their male masturbator sex toys to be mouths so they can fantasise that they are receiving oral sex also known as fellatio or a blow-job.

Traditionally these types of male sex toys had to be used handheld. The man was still manually masturbating himself as he normally would however his penis is being stimulated in a realistic orifice now.

With the advent of sex machines and the improvement in technology, many are now able to house a male masturbator. More traditionally sex machines were for penetrating the anus or vagina. The back and forward motion was great when carrying a large silicone dong or other platinum silicone dildo.

Newer sex machines (where compatible) are able to hold the male masturbator instead of a platinum silicone dong. The male user can then set the sex toy to move away from them and then towards them in a thrusting motion. All they need to do is lubricate the sex toy’s orifice and slide their erect penis in and they can receive a hands free masturbation experience of which they control the speed, duration and stroke length (depending on sex machine model!).

Fleshlight’s now come compatible to a specific sex machine also made by the same company. Thereby the man can place his penis in the sex toy which then resides in the machine. The machine is able to vibrate and move back and forth so again the man can achieve orgasm without breaking into a sweat.

There are a myriad of other male masturbator sex toys available and we shall discuss some more of them in the next few articles. These include Megabators and The Venus.

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