Masochism fetish

We have touched upon BDSM quite a few times when we have looked at sexual fetishes which some adult toy lovers or sex toy lovers in general may find interesting to learn about.

Some large silicone dongs enthusiasts or those that love massive silicone dildos are also receptive to fetishes involving masochism.

Masochism is basically when a sex toy lover is sexually aroused when they receive some form of punishment. This punishment can come in a variety of ways some of which we shall identify shortly.

One of the more commonly known forms of masochism is whereby a person is restrained. The sex toy lover may be tied to a bed or table which incorporates some form of restraints. To the uninitiated, it may be that some improvisations are spontaneously introduced.

Belts or ties may be suitable objects which could be used to restrain yourself or your partner.

In order to be punished you are going to need someone to do the punishing.

This person who punishes you, also likely to be a lover of platinum silicone dongs, is called the Dominant partner or the sadist. They enjoy punishing, humiliating, degrading behaviours when they are the master in ceremony!

Once they have you restrained they can then begin to engage in variety of behaviours. It could be that they choose to penetrate or tease you anally or vaginally with a large silicone dong or massive silicone dildo.

Alternatively, and very commonly they may spank you. Spanking can be achieved with household objects such as a wooden spoon or plastic cooking utensil. If you are particularly into masochism fetish you may own a sex machine such as a spanking machine which can produce more effective punishment!

It is important that if you are into this masochism fetish that you discuss the limits of your sexual play with your partner. Your sexual play needs to be fun and exciting but there needs to be a line whereby the behaviours of your partner are limited.

Indeed, there are likely to be things you are comfortable with e.g. name calling and spanking. However, there may be other potential sexual punishment behaviours which are off limit to you such as your partner urinating on you.

If you are drawn to masochism fetish then you may fantasize with your platinum silicone dong about being spanked or whipped or chained up.

You may not in reality want these behaviours to happen and they may purely be imagined. However there are also those sex toy lovers who want to experience things in reality.

We have touched on this before, but with most of the sexual fetishes there is continuum of how far people will take their behaviours. There may be a couple within which one partner likes to be spanked during intercourse and that is the limit to their expression of interest.

Taken further there are those that invest in bondage furniture for a premeditated session of masochistic indulgence.

At the most extreme level of masochism fetish there are individuals who enjoy being psychologically degraded with verbal insults. Alternatively they enjoy having their freedom to perform basic human needs taken away from them by their partner.

Examples of this may be where the dominant adult toy loving partner tells them when they are allowed to urinate or defecate or masturbate.

Some extreme masochism fetish enthusiasts like (if they are male) to receive cock and ball torture. In this punishment, the sex toy lover may receive kicks and punches to his genitals. Furthermore, the penis and testicles may be covered in hot wax, squashed, pierced or even burnt!

Women who enjoy masochism fetish are known to enjoy extreme platinum silicone dildos being inserted inside their anus’ or vagina. Other examples of masochism fetish include the use of electrodes being placed on the nipples or clitoris.

For obvious reasons John Thomas Toys does not endorse extreme masochism fetish practices.

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