Some men get tired of male masturbators which they use with their penis. As a consequence they may be intrigued to try another way to potentially reach their orgasm.

While bisexual and gay men are likely to be well clued up on how erotic and sensitive anal stimulation can be, it may be that straight men have never thought or ventured with any kind of anal play.

Indeed, for those men that are not aware, there is a highly sensitive area inside the anal cavity found inside the man's body.

Often referred to as the P-Spot, this small walnut sized gland is known medically as the Prostate gland and is responsible for producing the fluid used to allow sperm to leave the man's body during orgasm.

If a man is able to stimulate this erogenous zone inside his anus then he may well be able to achieve orgasm without regular manipulation of the penis by hand or by employing a sex toy or adult toy.

The easiest way for a man to try anal play and arouse this area is by using a platinum silicone dong or equivalent adult toy. Sex toys for men to use anally can be used by straight men too. There is no law that says they cannot or that they are less hetero as a consequence. The reality however, is that probably most straight men may enjoy anal play but would never want to admit it for fear of questioning of the manhood.

There are other sex toys and adult toys which can vibrate and stimulate the man's p-spot and many incorporate the use of vibrating wands with specially designed attachments made to perfectly compliment the interior anatomy of a man's body.

There is a very popular sex machine seen as the pinnacle of female gratification known as the Sybian. Some men have actually used the tremendous vibrational and rotational effects of it to stimulate themselves anally and achieve orgasm without penile stimulation per se.

If you are new to anal stimulation or are thinking of trying it, it is imperative that you use lots of personal lubricant. The anus is not capable of self lubricating in the manner in which the vagina can during heightened sexual arousal.

Anal play needs to be intiated slowly and there can be no rushing for large silicone dongs or jumbo silicone dildos as you are liable to hurt yourself. The use of desensitising gels are not recommended also as you could potentially push a sex toy or adult toy deeper inside you than you should and you would be unaware that you had hurt yourself until the effects of the gel wear off.

If you are looking for a good first anal toy then check out the John Thomas Range. Not only are they body safe due to their composition from medical grade platinum silicone, but they come in 4 handy sizes. As a general rule the small size is 7" long, the medium is 9" long, the large is 12" long and the extra large is 16" long. The 16" platinum silicone dildo is truly a massive silicone dong - so be warned.

John Thomas Toys also sell butt plugs and silicone stretchers which may be more suited to your needs and some of these start off very small and are therefore suitable for the beginner in adult toys and sex toys.

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