Updated: May 15, 2020

There are so many sex toys and adult toys on the market that if you are new to such things it can be really confusing! The first thing you need to consider is what you want to achieve with your sex toy.

If it is for a man then is the desired effect going to be to stimulate the penis, penetrate the anus or target the prostate gland.

If a woman is looking to purchase a sex toy then again they need to consider if they want to use it for penetrative purposes. There are a host of sex toys which purely vibrate and are not suitable for penetration. There are also sex machines out there which neither vibrate nor penetrate - a good example is a spanking machine. As the name suggests, a spanking machine holds a wooden spoon, spank paddle or equivalent and retracts its arm before violently swinging back to scold the bare buttocks of which are its target!

Most women are looking for a sex toy which they can use to penetrate their anus or vagina. Some women are looking for a sex toy which can achieve both at the same time and John Thomas Toys offer such a toy!

Men and women may also like to use platinum silicone butt plugs to open up the sphincter prior to anal penile penetration with their sexual partner. Alternatively, they may choose to wear these adult toys inside their anus purely for erotic indulgence or as part of their BDSM role play with their partner.

In addition, men and women often like to engage in stimulation of the anus involving a platinum silicone anal stretcher. These sex toys are often very big with a wide girth. You have to build up very slowly when introducing these adult toys into the anal cavity and allow your body time to adjust. The anus cannot produce any natural lubricant so apply plenty of your own – John Thomas Toys have a fabulous comprehensive range available.

The anus is riddled with sensitive nerve endings guaranteed to give you spine tingles of delight.

Now that we have established the primary sex toys which men and women purchase from John Thomas Toys we have to turn to other adult toys which men are likely to use. These are essentially called male masturbators. Basically they are soft skin like chambers within which the man places his erect penis. The best example of these are the Fleshlight range which we have previously discussed.

Using an adult toy like a Fleshlight is great hand held and makes solo masturbation time more erotic and realistic. Alternatively a lot of these type of sex toys can now be attached to sex machines. With a machine, they can do all the work and you can lay back and relax as you reach your peak.

John Thomas Toys will be introducing their own range of male masturbators in 2020 which will be made of body safe medical grade platinum silicone which is highly durable, non-porous and stain resistant. It can also be sterilized in boiling water which is rare for many adult toys on the market at present.

Within the available selection of male masturbators on the market, aside from Fleshlights, another popular type are the Megabators. We will have a little look at those in this article.

The Megabators are made by a company called Pipedream who have produced a variety of sex machines which are often particularly suited to those who like to live on the kinky side of life.

Essentially Megabators are an adult toy just for men. The man places his erect penis inside this electronic handheld sex toy which resembles an orifice. The three types available are the Vagina, Mouth and Anus and so you can find that which you feel most at home with.

The inside of the sex toy is made of TPE which is a thermoplastic elastomer. This is not as high quality as our platinum silicone and has plenty of comparative downsides but is still a good entry level male masturbator.

The Megabators can be charged prior to use conveniently with a USB plug and the company boast they are better than the real thing. In regard to this sex toy we will let you be the judge of that!

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