Melolagnia – Music Fetish

Continuing our look into sexual fetishes which sex toy lovers or adult toy enthusiasts may find interesting to hear about, we resume today with Melolagnia.

Melolagnia is not a term we are familiar with originally so please now allow us to enlighten you!

Basically it is when a person has a sexual fetish for music.

We do not mean music in general, rather that an individual has a particular style, genre or artist which is able to generate great sexual arousal within them.

Without the presence of the specific music, the adult toy lover may find it difficult to engage in solo masturbation with their platinum silicone dong or jumbo silicone dildo because they were simply not stimulated enough.

Music is undoubtedly a powerful medium. It has the ability to capture our attention and draw us in. It may trigger any range of emotions within us and take us away on a journey in our minds.

While most adult toy lovers enjoy listening to music in general, for some it is imperative and without it they are unable to let go, get sexually aroused and reach orgasm.

Next we are going to identify just a few examples of music which helps to put melolagniacs in the mood. Some fetishists prefer music which is fast paced and repetitive with a strong beat. It has been argued that this type of stimulating music helps to raise the heart beats of those that are listening and puts them in a more general state of arousal (which includes sexually).

Many melolagniacs enjoy going to raves or dance clubs where the music is constant and frenetic and highly stimulating to them.

Alternatively there are those, (perhaps more connoisseurs?) who prefer classical music in order to achieve lasting sexual arousal. Indeed, it is not uncommon to hear of those that get out their platinum silicone dongs or other sex toys whilst listening to the likes of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture – complete with cannons!

Another section of melolagniacs enjoy listening to something altogether more subtle and sensual. In these cases they may choose to listen to music by for example Barry White or Marvin Gaye. As this music sets the mood, they are then free to let loose and engage with their partner in conjunction with a platinum silicone dong or equivalent adult toy.

Some music is considered so sexual that it is even referred to as ‘baby making music’! One such artist credited with helping to conceive many babies in the 90’s is Janet Jackson’s sultry soulful rhythms and lyrics.

If music is your sexual fetish then it shouldn’t be too difficult to accommodate it into your sex life. That is unless your particular interest is for a cheesy boy band that your partner hates!

Music is great at setting up a safe and relaxing atmosphere to enable you both to indulge in each other’s bodies and next time you do so don’t forget you can always enhance the experience further with the use of large silicone dong or jumbo silicone dildo.

John Thomas Toy’s are 100% body safe and made from medical grade platinum silicone. They are handcrafted – designed in the UK and made in the USA.

Platinum silicone is incredibly durable and unlikely to tear. Furthermore it is non-porous and will not stain.

Cleaning of a platinum silicone dildo or dong is simple – it can be placed in the dishwasher or boiling water to sterilize.

All our sex toys or adult toys are phthalate free and hypoallergenic so there is no chance of an allergic reaction unlike those toys made from latex. N.B 10% of latex adult toy users are allergic to them!

John Thomas Toys are shipped direct from the United Kingdom and we offer a free next working day delivery service within the UK too (provided you order before our daily cut-off point).

John Thomas Toys pride themselves on discretion, you will be billed simply in the name JJD Holdings and your order will arrive in a plain box with no indication of it’s contents.

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