It is clear that men and women as a whole, are capable of many ways of expressing their sexuality. We continue in this article today looking at strange sexual fetishes of which lovers of adult toys or sex toys may find curious to hear about.

Today we are looking at something called Mysophiliacs. In case you are not familiar with the term it is related in this article to those adults who are particularly sexually aroused by soiled underwear!

A Mysophiliac requires used underwear in order to illicit a peak sexual arousal response within their body.

It may be that after they have been intimate with their male or female partner that they may go home with their unwitting partner’s underwear. While traditionally this may have been seen more as some kind of trophy of accomplishment, there are those that steal underwear for other reasons.

Indeed, underwear may be acquired such as in the example above and then it becomes highly valuable to the mysophiliac as a means of sexual enjoyment.

Mysophiliacs may collect soiled underwear purely to boost their solo masturbation enjoyment. Indeed, it may be that the mysophiliac uses the underwear to masturbate. For example they may wrap the underwear around the large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo they are using.

Alternatively they may use the soiled underwear to wrap around their penis, to masturbate their vaginal or anal areas or to clean themselves with after they have reached orgasm and find it erotic.

The type of soiled underwear varies as you can imagine. There are those men and women who are sexually aroused by their female partner’s underwear particularly if they have secreted any bodily fluids upon it from their vagina.

Alternatively there are those men and women who prefer soiled underwear which has been soiled from their anus. Therefore, the fetish here is for remnant of faecal matter upon them!

Another form of soiling of underwear which may appeal to men or women, depending on their sexual orientation, is underwear worn by men. It may be that the man’s underwear were soiled by ejaculate containing sperm or semen, alternatively it may be from the man’s smegma. Smegma is produced from a man’s penis and is a strong smelling substance combined from bodily oils, dead cells and moisture.

Aside from those substances identified which could arouse a mysophiliac, the final substance is sweat. As we mentioned in a previous article sweat is produced from sweat glands in the skin when the body is hot. Sweat contains water and body salts and can stain clothing. Sweat contains chemicals known as pheromones which the man or woman could emit. It is liable that those pheromones are that which arouse the mysophiliac when they come into contact with them.

While fresh sweat isn’t terribly smelly, stale sweat to most people is revolting. However, some mysophiliacs are aroused by stale sweat. Therefore, as we can see, there are lot of potential components which could constitute soiled underwear capable of being arousing!

Locating soiled underwear may not always be an easy thing to do for a mysophiliac! If they have an understanding sexual partner then that is quite straight forward. However if the fetishist is single then this may pose a problem.

However, there are those individuals who actually sell their dirty and soiled underwear to those men and women for which it drives them crazy!

Obviously there is a hygiene consideration to be aware of if you are drawn to this sort of fetish. The best source of soiled underwear would therefore be from your sexual partner. If you obtain soiled underwear from an unknown person then it is possible that you could risk coming contracting an infection.

Some mysophiliacs may find sufficient arousal in sniffing the soiled underwear of other adults they desire. Alternatively, it is not unheard of these fetishists actually choosing to wear those soiled underwear themselves.

Warning to all sex toy lovers and adult toy lovers, if you notice your dirty underwear going missing or perhaps disappearing off the washing line then watch out, a mysophiliac is possibly about!

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