In this blog we are going to briefly look at the subject of Orgasm. Often referred to as the big O.

Orgasm is the peak of sexual arousal whereby both men and women will experience intense pleasure and euphoria.

When men and women orgasm their hearts will beat fast and their breathing rates will also markedly increase too. During orgasm a general feeling of great sexual pleasure is felt and there is a release of sexual tension and a period of relaxation.

When a man reaches orgasm or ‘cums’ they experience specific muscle contractions in their bodies which allow semen and sperm to shoot out of the penis. This phenomenon is known as ejaculation.

Once a man has reached orgasm for a brief period they will be unable to engage in sex again. This is known as the refractory period. During this time if for example the man has achieved orgasm too quickly the partner may be quite frustrated as they would prefer to keep going!

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During female orgasm, genital muscles contract rhythmically and with ongoing stimulation of their erogenous areas including penetration, then it is likely that they will experiences multiple orgasms, or literally put, will repeatedly cum.

Men produce an ejaculatory fluid and generally speaking women do not, however research has shown that some women are capable of ejaculating a fluid during orgasm too although there is debate as to whether this is urine or a uniquely separate fluid.

In a couple, love making and orgasm is a great way to cement a relationship. Due to the hormones released in both men and women during sex and orgasm they can become a lot more receptive and loving to one another and therefore this is beneficial to them as a couple and as individuals.

Whether orgasm is achieved with a partner or alone, it is generally a positive rewarding experience which can release tension and enhance well being.

To a less or greater extent different people can find it easier or harder to achieve orgasm. This may be due to age, diet, stress or disability.

A great way to enhance your chances of experiencing orgasm is by introducing sex toys and adult toys into your sex life. That is regardless of whether you masturbate alone or have a regular partner for sex.

JohnThomasToys produce medical grade platinum silicone dildos and dongs which are perfectly designed to compliment your sexual activities.

Through the use of large silicone dongs (used for anal or vaginal penetration and play) both men and women can be aroused sufficiently to reach orgasm.

It may be that the introduction of a sex toy or adult toy is all that is needed to push a man or woman into orgasm territory when before they have been aroused but lacking a little something to further stimulate them to achieve it.

JohnThomasToys only use the best materials for their large and jumbo silicone dongs and offer a quibble free return policy in the unlikely event of a problem.

All of the JohnThomasToys range come in 4 different sizes and with over 50 different designs of silicone dildos there is sure to be one which your body accommodates perfectly.

Unlike cheaper materials widely used by some manufacturers in the adult toy industry, JohnThomasToys only used the best. Our medical grade platinum silicone is not only body safe but extremely durable plus you can sterilise it after each use and even warm up or cool down prior to use.

Incorporating a sex toy or adult toy into your bedroom is liable to be a really positive choice for you. One which is both rewarding and fulfilling. JohnThomasToys send out all our platinum silicone dongs very discretely with free next working day delivery.

If you are new to adult toys or sex toys why not try one today and discover a whole new world of hitherto experienced pleasure with large silicone dongs and dildos.

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