Other foot fetishes – masturbation by foot!

Traditionally we have identified those sex toy lovers who are drawn to the feet of their sexual partner. It may be that they fantasise about removing their socks or stockings and taking their feet out of their shoes or boots.

Some feet fetishists love the smell of their partner’s shoes or even the clothing which they had over their feet. In some circumstances, the foot fetishist may even be sexually aroused by their partners feet having a bad odour. If cheesy feet is your thing then perhaps you have something wrong with your nose!!

Some sex toy loving foot fetishists love to massage their partner’s feet. Holding their feet and caressing and rubbing them is liable to be very erotic for the partner giving the massage. Some foot fetishists are highly aroused when their sexual partner rubs their feet.

Reflexologists believe that the feet are highly connected to other organs in the body and therefore are able to stimulate many areas including the sex organs.

Aside from those sex toy lovers who like to rub feet, smell feet! And see the feet housed in erotic leather footwear, there are also a group of foot fetish lovers who take it somewhere different.

Within this look at “other foot fetishes” we are talking about some sex toy loving individuals who like to be sexually pleasured with their partner’s feet.

Indeed, one such example is that of men who are not sufficiently aroused by vaginal or anal penetration. Quite differently, these fetishists prefer their sexual partners to masturbate their penises but only using their feet. Apart from the fact that feet are used rather than hands in essence they are still being given what is referred to in slang as a “hand job”.

To the skilled foot fetishist, they may be able to wear what is considered to be sexually arousing footwear e.g. high kneed boots and then proceed to masturbate their male partner’s penis with them while wearing them!

Alternatively, within this term of other foot fetishes, there are those men and women who like to be penetrates by their partners feet!

Obviously the feet are quite big appendages so depending on your level of experience there is going to be a limit to how you could incorporate the feet in this way.

If you are able to accommodate a huge silicone dong or massive silicone dildo then chances are you could accept some or all of your partner’s foot.

Some women enjoy their partner massing their clitoris and vulva with their feet using their toes in particular. Some men and women – perhaps those that have used butt plugs or silicone stretchers also enjoy the penetration of their anus’ or vagina’s with feet.

If a sexual partner uses his feet to gyrate inside your orifice of choice then they can highly arouse and stimulate you. They are able to do this because obviously the feet are connected to strong muscles in the legs.

Some feet fetishist actually are turned off by the chance of having their anus or vagina penetrated using a penis or large silicone dong – indeed it has to be their partner’s feet or nothing.

It is common place for platinum silicone dongs or equivalent sex toys to be produced in the form of hands and fingers. Men and women like to use adult toys which look like a fist or pointing fingers and these are great designs to penetrate, tease and please your partner.

It is of note that despite being quite a select few who love being penetrated or aroused by their partner’s feet their seems to be a shortage of adult toys like platinum silicone dongs in the form of feet.

Perhaps we need to commission range!

If you intend to use your feet for masturbation/penetration purposes it is always advisable to maintain excellent foot hygiene for your enjoyment and also to prevent dirt and bacterial transmission.

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