Panty Harness with plug

Continuing our look at compatible sex harnesses to be used in conjunction with your sex toy such as a large silicone dong or jumbo silicone dildo, we have the Panty Harness.

The Panty Harness is another top quality harness brought to you by Doc Johnson. We are proud to offer Doc Johnson products as they suit our sex toys incredibly well.

All John Thomas adult toys are vac-u-lock compatible as well as O-Ring compatible so it is a match made in heaven. In our opinion, the vac-u-lock adaptors found on Doc Johnson harnesses provide the best ‘hold’ of our sex toys and indeed they keep them firmly gripped due to the vacuum of air.

When we began manufacturing our platinum silicone dildos we were adamant that they had to have vacuum holes as it makes our sex toys much more versatile.

The Panty Harness looks like a pair of standard briefs, their material is a lovely soft and breathable cotton which is very stretchy. To achieve stability when your adult toy of choice is attached, the front panel of the Panty Harness has been reinforced for your convenience.

If you enjoy stimulating vibrations during sex play, this super harness has the foresight of having two built in pockets which are just perfect for popping in vibrating bullets. This addition if used simultaneously with your platinum silicone dildo, will ensure both parties are enjoying themselves.

The Panty Harness can be used with any vac-u-lock compatible sex toy, however for reasons previously alluded to, please check the specifications of your desired adult toy to ensure it will be a suitable choice.

Panty Harness has a built in O-Ring with a 45mm diameter so will support your adult toy provided its dimensions are able to be accommodated within that plus they need to have a flared base to prevent them falling off the harness in the middle of the throes of passion.

The beauty of vac-u-lock harnesses is the ease whereby the sex toy can be interchanged. It may be for example that you like to use a smaller size platinum silicone dildo when you first penetrate your partner anally. After some gentle play and plenty of lubricant their anal muscles will relax somewhat and you will be able to quickly remove one sex toy and attach the next one (e.g. a wider one). Always use vac-u-powder inside the cavity of the sex toy (known as the vacuum hole within our sex toys). The powder will make the changing of platinum silicone dildos that more quicker and easier.

The Panty Harness are so well built that they can handle strong penetrative action with your partner either anally or vaginally with your sex toy of choice.

If you do not have a sexual partner or you are not turned on by the use of a harnesses then aside from manual masturbation using your John Thomas sex toy you may also use it with a sex machine. Sex machines are essentially a mechanical device which are able to thrust a sex toy back and forth and in so doing simulate anal or vaginal penetration.

Check compatibility first, but many sex machines (also known as fucking machines) are vac-u-lock compatible. Therefore they come with a vac-u-lock adapter which will perfectly fit inside our platinum silicone dildos.

A word of warning, there are many sex machines on the market and you can spend as little as a hundred pounds, or as much as a few thousand and they may all potentially be compatible with your adult toy.

The reality however, may be that they are not powerful enough to carry the weight and overall size of your toy and be able to push inside your orifice of choice repeatedly. Therefore before you purchase a sex toy and/or sex machine check that they will be able to meet your demands. It would be highly regrettable if your were to purchase one of our beautiful silicone dildos with a view to using in on your sex machine, only to find that the machine couldn’t handle it’s weight.

If in doubt always read the specifications upon every platinum silicone dildo or dong that we stock. Furthermore, it would be prudent to contact your sex machine manufacturer to find out the limits of the machine. If you are using an inapropriate sex toy which is unsuitable it could potentially degrade your sex machine and invalidate it’s warranty.

If you invest in a decent sex machine such as a Shockspot or Orgasm Alley machine and you use an adult toy which is not longer than for example 9” then you are liable to have a perfect match. Sex machines are great with John Thomas Toys under these circumstances as you have no concern of a partner fatiguing or climaxing and needing to stop. Furthermore, your potentially in full control of your platinum silicone dildo’s range and depth of penetration and subsequently your enjoyment.

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