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We are still looking at pertinent topics which lovers of sex toys and adult toys may find interesting. Whether you like a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo read on!

We previously identified ways in which women have surgical procedures to change the way their vaginas look externally. Some women have felt pressured to do this due to the perception of some adult stars with ‘perfect’ vaginas.

Indeed, this cause may also explain why some women have desires to have their anus’ bleached or to have breast augmentations.

It is likely in some cases in which women are represented in adult film and online that they themselves were either surgically enhanced or photo shopped. Regardless, some adult toy loving women who are insecure about their bodies have been driven to change in a desire to conform as to what they believe is the ideal.

We looked at how women may go for something less drastic than having excess skin tissue removed from their external vaginal areas (in a procedure which some adult toy lovers have done called a Labiaplasty). A low key means to change and improve the aesthetic of the vagina is through a Vajazzle.

For those of you lovers of sex toys or adult toys who do not know a Vajazzle is the term given to having a ladies vaginal area adorned with gemstones or expensive crystals.

While men have not been able to get involved in a Vajazzle for obvious reasons there is now a male equivalent which I am sure all male sex toy readers will be enthralled to hear.

Known creatively as a Pejazzle, men can buy crystals which using the adhesive backing attached to them can be stuck to the area around the penis.

Pejazzling is not as common or well known as Vajazzling and there are less men who take this form of body adornment up. Of those men that are drawn to it they tend to be more gay men rather than heterosexual.

Pejazzling can be another way in which a man can attempt to make himself look more attractive to his partner. Men that enjoy a Pejazzle commonly remove most body hair. They are likely to remove it from their underarms and completely from their chests.

Furthermore, prior to a Pejazzle they would tend to remove all hair surrounding the penis, testicles, perineum and anus.

A Pejazzle is a fun and low cost way to enhance your body and also an erotic means to stimulate your partner prior to penetration or sex play with a sex toy or adult toy such as large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo.

For all men who are interested in anal stimulation, please remember that plenty of sexual lubricant is imperative. This is because, unlike the woman’s vagina, the anus cannot self lubricate as a consequence of sexual arousal.

If you are drawn to adult toys of the anal description then John Thomas Toys have platinum silicone dongs, platinum silicone dildos, platinum silicone butt plugs plus platinum silicone anal stretchers.

All our sex toys are made from medical grade platinum silicone and are body safe. The material is responsibly sourced and is naturally hypoallergenic. Therefore there is no risk of developing an allergic response such as that which many get from using latex sex toys or adult toys.

For your convenience and peace of mind our sex toys and adult toys can be placed in boiling water after each use to sterilize.

John Thomas Toys come with a 365 day quibble free return policy if in the unlikely event that they developed a manufacturer’s fault.

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