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The sex toy manufacturers have cleverly reproduced the natural cavities of the vagina and anus and incorporating the structual differences you would expect to find naturally. As a consequence you can expect the anal male masturbator sex toys to be a lot more tightly fitting around the penis.

Once a man has placed his penis inside his sex toy of choice he would usually have to manually mover the adult toy back and forth in a manner consistent with standard masturbation.

There are now sex machines available which are able to make the experience more realistic and hands free.

One such machine is the Fleshlight masturbation machine. The man puts his erect penis inside the male masturbator and then that resides inside a machine which goes on to vibrate and squeeze at varying intervals to faciliate orgasm and ejaculation for the man.

If the man still finds that to be unsatisfactory, then he may attach the male masturbator to a sex machine or fucking machine. The use of these machines with sex toys is relatively new although you do have to check compatibility.

If the sex machine can handle the male masturbator then there is no reason why the man could not be stood up or sitting with his penis erect and inside a male masturbator. The sex toy would then be thrust back and forth with every movement of the sex machines motor.

With some experimentation, the man should be able to recreate a pretty authentic experience of receiving oral sex, being manually masturbated or having anal or vaginal penetration.

John Thomas Toys are now producing a range of platinum silicone male masturbators so they are definitely worth having a look out for. The materials used are of a medical grade and therefore they are body safe and totally hypoallergenic. Whats more, after use, platinum silicone products such as these new adult toys can be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning. For total peace of mind they can even be placed in boiling water to sterilise.

Being platinum silicone, you may warm up the sex toy's orifice with warm water prior to placing your penis inside. Please check the temperature beforehand though to avoid any unneccessary discomfort.

Platinum silicone adult toys can also be placed in the fridge prior to use and this way you can have a really cold sensation as you use this sex toy.

Aside from the type of adult toys for male masturbation depicted already in this article, there are also those more sophisticated sex toys which incorporate a strong suction upon the erect penis. Arguably the rolls royce of sex toys for men in the form of male masturbators is the Venus 2000. In order for an adult toy to be effective at male mastubation then ideally it needs to be handsfree and to be able to 'stroke' the penis. Using a vacuum is another way to highly stimulate the penis and one which is often included in the design of other equivalent sex toys, sex machines or adult toys as they are often referred.

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