Peodeiktophilia – Fetish for showing one’s penis

Having covered many weird and wonderful sexual fetishes which some lovers of sex toys or adult toys may find curious to read about, once again we stumble across a lesser known one!

This is another sexual fetish which involves just men and it is known as Peodeiktophilia. None of us in the John Thomas Toys office had ever heard of it’s official name, but basically it refers to men who are sexually aroused when they show their penis to another unsuspecting man or woman.

Therefore, in order for the man in question to gain sexual satisfaction, he cannot simply have sex with his partner or gain gratification from using a sex toy or adult toy. Quite the contrary, he has to physically expose his penis to other adults.

It is unclear how this fetish originated but it is generally seen as some sort of exhibitionist behaviour whereby the man cannot get aroused unless he has an adult audience of some description.

In a more traditional context there are examples of this type of behaviour such as men who walk around naked but hidden underneath a rain coat. They then often find an unsuspecting female (or man) and proceed to flash them with their genitals.

While the man who exposes himself is liable to find the act very erotic is it unlikely that the man or woman who is subjected to it is going to find it in any way enjoyable.

If a man flashes his genitals in public then it is a crime for which he can be arrested. While he may be enjoying the act, it is liable to cause a great deal of distress in the witness to the act.

Some men who participate in this fetish have found new ways to feed their impulse. Indeed they are liable to send “dick pics” to unsuspecting men or women who they are talking to online.

Again, John Thomas Toys cannot endorse this sexual fetish as the man is inevitably causing a lot of distress to other men and women.

We would suggest that the man in question seeks some help from a trained sexual therapist where they can learn to channel their sexual drives more appropriately.

For example, it would be far better if they found a regular sexual partner where they can have a healthy relationship where their sexual needs are met without inflicting them on other people. Perhaps the use of sex toys or adult toys such as a large silicone dong may be of some benefit to the couple too.

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