Platinum Silicone sex toys vs PVC

Platinum Silicone sex toys vs PVC

Another material used for adult toys is PVC which stands for Polyvinyl Chloride. PVC is a less favoured material for sex toys. Predominantly this is because it often needs chemicals to soften it. These chemicals are known as phthalates and have been associated with cancer and fertility problems which are ethically a big no no to us.

Pthalates are used in plastics because they keep the PVC structually held together and make them pliable for the user. Hopefully in the very near future all Phthalate sex toys and adult toys will be banned from production.

PVC dildos and dongs are also porous (unlike Platinum Silicone) and consequently they will not last as long. Indeed some sex toy companies use very poor quality PVC which is more porous and liable to become contaminated with harmful dirt and bacterial which then have the potential to harm the body because its nigh on impossible to remove them.

Because PVC adult toys can never be totally sterilised (unlike platinum silicone dongs) it is possible to transmit a bacterial infection or even a STI to a partner so it is apparent why we reject this material.

Medical grade platinum silicone which we at John Thomas Toys only ever use, is not only non-porous but naturally pthalate free. Maintaining an enjoyable and yet body safe product is imperative to us.

Not only do the neccessary addition of phthalates render PVC sex toys and adult toys potentially harmful with the aforementioned problems they can also cause allergy and chemical reactions. Platinum silicone dildos are naturally hypoallergenic and can be safely enjoyed.

Overall, the adult industry which manufacture these massive dildos and dongs are moving away from PVC products.

If you are considering purchasing a sex toy in the form of a dildo or dong we do not recommend PVC but if you do opt for it (usually because they are a lot cheaper) please only purchase from a regulated company that you trust are selling good quality PVC and also ensure they are pthalate free. Current advice is to use a condom with a dildo to minimise the chances of bacterial infection.

While it is true that PVC sex toys can be very soft (one of their main benefits) newer silicones such as the medical grade platinum silicone we use, can now achieve similar levels of pliability.

John Thomas Toys do not believe that very soft dildos and dongs are particularly helpful or enjoyable to the user. Consequently we offer our range of sex toys in two levels of firmness - Supersoft Medium and Supersoft Firm. Generally, Supersoft Medium is the ideal level of firmness for the majority of our customers.

While a PVC sex toy is unlikely to last for a particularly long period of time, a medical grade platinum silicone adult toy (provided it is suitably cared for) could easily be expected to last a lifetime. We even offer the option of taking out a lifetime warranty on all our toys. If in the unlikely event that your large silicone dong developed a problem then we would simply replace it with another. Terms and Conditions apply – please see for further information.

N.B The next article in this sequence will be looking at Latex vs Platinum Silicone

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