PLatinum SILICONE vs tpe

Platinum Silicone sex toys vs TPE

All JohnThomasToys dildos and dongs are made of high quality medical grade Platinum Silicone and in these next blog entries we are going to briefly look at it's advantages over the alternatives.

Firstly we will look at TPE which stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer which is a lot cheaper than Platinum Silicone.

Thermo Plastic Elastomer

TPE is inferior in many ways – it tears a lot more easily than Platinum Silicone and requires more maintenance. TPE is more easily stained and requires lots of cleaning. TPE has been used for adult toys and sex toys predominantly because it is deemed more economical however JohnThomasToys intend all their sex toys to last and provide a lifetime of sexual satisfaction.

With normal maintenance, Platinum Silicone is very durable and long lasting. Platinum Silicone is quite costly though (more than 4 times the cost of TPE).

Platinum Silicone Sample

Furthermore, Platinum Silicone is body safe and non-porous so liquid nor air cannot get into it. Unless of a particularly high quality, TPE sex toys are generally porous so they have the liability to absorb water and also harmful bacteria can enter the toy.

Platinum Silicone has a higher purity level than standard silicone and also has the benefits of being odorless (as does TPE), non stick, plus you can sterilize it.

JohnThomasToys Platinum Silicone Beastli one of our most popular new designs

Both TPE and Platinum Silicone sex toys have the benefit that they can be safely warmed up prior to insertion.

An example of TPE tearing is shown below:

Sex Doll made of TPE which has developed a tear after a short period of use

To produce our large silicone dongs and dildos, the silicone platinum is mixed in tiny proportions with the silicone to activate it which ultimately results in platinum catalysed silicones which are very pure. It is indeed reasurring to know that JohnThomasToys are using the same quality materials for our adult toys as are used in hospitals around the world.

While TPE and Platinum Silicone are both used in the adult toy industry, our preference is always for quality and durability and ultimately customer satisfaction. Therefore, our dildos and dongs are only ever made of medical grade Platinum Silicone. Please browse the JohnThomasToys website to check out some of our massive silicone dildos (

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