Plushophilia – fetish for stuffed animals

Here we are again resuming our exhaustive look at the very weird and very wonderful sexual fetishes which some lovers of sex toys and adult toys may find curious to read and hear about.

So grab your large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo and pay attention as we now look at Plushophilia.

We would be very impressed if many of our sex toy loving customers are familiar with the official title of this fetish. Plushophilia is a sexual fetish for stuffed animals.

Yes that’s right we are talking about stuffed animals!

Plushophiles are sometimes referred to as being called plushies and they basically require not a large silicone dong to get aroused, but a stuffed toy.

There seems to be quite a lot of variation within this sexual fetish. It is not just the case of adult toy loving individuals grinding on their teddy bear.

Indeed, plushophiles may be drawn to any stuffed toy potentially. Some sex toy loving plushophiles prefer over size teddy bears. However there is no one rule for all and therefore we see instances of sex toy lovers with every kind of stuffed toy that you could imagine.

The general preference among adult toy loving plushophiles appears to be for large stuffed toys rather than smaller ones. There are surely those sex toy lovers who use their stuffed toys to simply rub their genitals as they try to reach orgasm.

However, many more of this fetish enthusiasts prefer over size stuffed toys as they are more versatile in terms of what they can do with them.

Indeed, some sex toy lovers want their sex toys to be almost the same size as them. Therefore, they are able to simulate sex with their stuffed animal as if it was a human sexual partner.

To make things more realistic or enjoyable, some sex toy lovers customize their stuffed toys. A typical customization may include adding a form of sex toy or adult toy into their toy.

They may for example cut out a portion of the over sized toy and add a male masturbator – for example a Fleshlight resembling a vagina or anus which they can then penetrate with their penis.

With an orifice now included into their stuffed animal they can proceed to pretend to have sex with it and further indulge their fantasy.

For those adults who prefer to be penetrated rather than to penetrate, there is also the option of customizing your large stuffed toy with a large silicone dong or jumbo silicone dildo.

This way you can achieve anal or vaginal penetration while your grind upon your stuffed animal.

If you are drawn to this particular fetish then there is plenty of adult pornographic images and video to support it which you can watch if necessary while playing with your sex toys or adult toys such as platinum silicone dongs.

Explanations for this type of sexual fetish are unclear. There does however to be an agreement there is some sort of regression occurring by the sex toy loving adult who gets their thrills here. Indeed, it may be that the stuffed animal is comforting to them based on their childhood recollections but as adults they now need sexual stimulation too hence the need to interact with them in a sexual manner.

Of all the fetishes out there this seems pretty harmless particularly if you compare it to those that need to drink each others blood or apply electrodes to nipples etc!

However, explaining to your partner that you want your oversize teddy bear to watch the two of you together and then possibly join in later may be a difficult conversation!

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