Contemporary Pornography

In this article we are going to take a little look into pornography.

Pornography is adult material of a sexual nature which is produced solely for the purpose to illicit a sexual response in order to achieve orgasm within the observer.

Many consumers of pornography also enjoy using adult toys and sex toys.

Traditionally, pornography has been presented to the public via books and magazines, however as we entered the digital age explicit films were produced and available on video for people to consume.

With the advent of the DVD we saw better quality pornography and because of the high demand of the adult market the budget for production rose leading to quality recordings with professional porn stars in scenes which were well lit and included wardrobe, set design and a script as well as the action it’s audience yearned for.

Before the internet really took off and became common place in every home, there was a massive market for XXX DVD’s, videos and magazines. However during the mid to late 90’s the internet started to become accessible to all and the range and level of pornographic content was unprecedented.

For the first time viewers could see e.g. Pamela Anderson performing fellatio on her husband via their own monitor in their own home. No longer did they need to go to a seedy sex shop or sheepishly select a top shelf video or magazine from their local vendor.

Porn was now easy to access. There was no age verification system in place and alarmingly little control over what was broadcast.

Many people watch porn. Love it or hate it, it is a fact of life and there will always be a demand for it because we are human beings with an innate and powerful sex drive. While some use porn to get themselves and their partner in the mood to be intimate, it is often used as a supporting tool for solitary masturbation.

Many of our customers enjoy pornography in conjunction with using our sex toys and adult toys.

Provided the pornographic material is legal then we say if that is what you enjoy then indulge yourself. N.B If it becomes an addictive behaviour you may want to examine that.

Pornography traditionally was just a man penetrating a woman vaginally or a woman teasing aspects of her body.

Depending on whether the porn is hardcore or softcore determines it audience and where you may find it.

Softcore porn is what was widespread 30-40 years ago. In it you would not expect to see close-ups of bodily fluids or intricate female or male anatomy. Hardcore porn is widespread today and often involves a ‘cum shot’ where a man ejaculates onto a womans body for example her breasts.

Hardcore pornography may involve mock torture scenes which those of you who practice BDSM may enjoy. It also may involve scenes of urination or defecation for sexual arousal.

Some pornography may involve the models using sex toys or adult toys. Many can be seen using large silicone dildos and some using jumbo silicone dongs.

John Thomas Toys sell a vast array of such adult toys of a premium quality.

If you enjoy watching porn then you are liable to heighten your pleasure if you use it with our adult toys.

You may for example like to try an anal dong while you pleasure your vagina or penis.

John Thomas adult toys come in over 50 different designs and each in 4 different sizes and 2 different levels of firmness.

While many people think pornography is a sin and abhorrent there is still a massive demand for it. We all have sexual needs and may need the added stimulation which porn can offer. If you enjoy watching or listening to porn then why not try an adult toy or sex toy from John Thomas Toys.

All our large silicone dildos are made of medical grade platinum silicone and are body safe and hypoallergenic.


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