Premature Ejaculation

Within this next article we are going to briefly look at the phenomenon known as Premature Ejaculation which effects men. Premature Ejaculation is when during sexual intercourse a man reaches orgasm too quickly and ejaculates.

If a man suffers from premature ejaculation then it can lead to some undesirable consequences. These can include feelings of embarrassment – that in some way they are less of a man as they were unable to control themselves. Plus they can be ashamed at being unable to please their partner because they have reached orgasm too quickly and due to the refractory period are unable to continue.

Premature ejaculation can cause problems within a relationship especially if the man’s partner is not understanding. If the other party is left wanting then this can quickly escalate into an argument or at its most extreme consequence a reason for divorce.

If a man suffers from premature ejaculation they may also feel guilty that they have reached their sexual peak but their partner has not. This could fuel anxieties that their partner may leave them etc!

The causes of premature ejaculation are varied. It may be that the man is very young and inexperienced and has not yet learnt to recognise when he is close to climax so he can alter his behaviour to delay it.

It may well be that the man in question is too excited and has built up the sexual encounter into a serious rendezvous whereby he must perform like a stallion!

If you suffer from Premature Ejaculation then there are a variety of treatments available but you need to speak to GP in the first instance.

With medication it is highly likely that you can delay orgasm. Also, there are some techniques you can learn to prevent yourself ejaculating too quickly. One such technique is when you feel you are close to orgasm, withdraw the penis and gently squeeze an area around the glans for a short period.

If a man realises that he is getting very excited then he can slow down his penetrations or change positions with his partner.

Like women with Anorgasmia, men with premature ejaculation may benefit from psychosexual counselling or educating themselves about the mechanics of the male anatomy and how the orgasm is reached.

Anaesthetics for treatment of this condition are available and some are available without prescription. Alternatively you may benefit from Viagra as it helps men maintain their sexual interest for a longer time.

As an alternative to medication, if you partner is feeling frustrated by your premature ejaculation then it may be a good idea to incorporate some sex toys or adult toys into the bedroom.

With the use of silicone dongs you can arouse and stimulate your partner and prime them for orgasm before you penetrate with your penis. This way it decreases the chances that they will be left sexually frustrated and you can both climax together.

You may want to use a vibrator for example on the clitoris or attach a large silicone dildo to a sex machine or fucking machine. John Thomas Toys all have a vacuum hole meaning they are vac-u-lock compatible. Through this compatibility our jumbo silicone dildos can be attached to a range of harnesses and sex machines.

If you have suffered from a premature ejaculation you could use a large silicone dong in the future with a harness to finish penetrating your partner. Or you could use it first of all as we outlined above regarding priming your partner.

The incorporation of adult toys such as Fleshlights may be a good sex aid as they can mimic the sensation of the vagina or anus and with practice you can learn to control the ejaculatory impulse.

Changes to diet and lifestyle e.g. learning mindfulness are also potential ways you can banish this problem.

Ultimately if you suffer from premature ejaculation don’t be hard on yourself (please excuse the pun). Controlling or preventing orgasm can be virtually impossible at times and we are all only human.

Education, counselling, medication etc plus sex aids such as sex toys and adult toys all represent a positive future whereby this problem can be reduced.

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