Premature Ejaculation – Surgery

We are still looking at some common medical related issues which lovers of sex toys or adult toys may have considered at one time or another. This may be something pertinent to themselves or their sexual partner.

In a previous article we looked at common male sex problems including erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. We also noted that the use of a suitable platinum silicone dildo such as a large silicone dong when used in conjunction with a harness meant men with either conditions could still manage to please their partner and protect their self esteem and relationships.

Premature ejaculation occurs when a man is unable to control his sexual climax. Following penetration of the anus or vagina, oral stimulation or masturbation a man is liable to reach orgasm. However, many men feel that they reach this point too quickly and too easily. While for the man this may not be a great problem per se; however, if they are climaxing too fast they are liable to not be sexually satisfying their partner and subsequently there could be resultant relationship difficulties.

There are various treatments which have been suggested to help sex toy loving men with this condition. These treatments include the use of SSRI anti depressant medication, wearing a condom (to decrease penile sensitivity) and creams to numb the penis. In addition some adult toy loving men with this problem can try changing their technique during penetration and regularly starting and stopping to ward off the ejaculation.

Strengthening a man’s kegel muscles may be of some benefit as may be squeezing of a man’s glans penis head at strategic time during sex with a partner.

If all else fails we identified that you could wear a platinum silicone dildo attached to a sex harness whereby you could then penetrate your partner anally or vaginally until such point that they were sexually satisfied. From this junction you could then penetrate them regularly with your penis and reach your climax self in the knowledge that they were happy.

For some men nothing we have suggested either works or they are not happy doing.

For these men, there exists some controversial surgery of the penis which they may consider. There simply has not been enough operations of this type however, to understand an objective insight into it’s efficacy.

Some theories regarding Premature Ejaculation suggest that the sex toy loving man has a penis which is just too sensitive. Using this hypothesis it is put forward that the penis can be desensitized by removing some nerves from this area.

The surgery involves removal of nerve endings in the penis and it is not clear if it is a good option.

Complications can result such as pain and discomfort when the penis is erect. In addition in some cases, orgasm may now be impossible to achieve or there is loss of sensitivity and thus loss of enjoyment for the man.

Non essential surgery of this type also carries the risks of fatality following a general anaesthetic – therefore the decision to have this surgery should really be a last resort having exhausted all other options.

In may cases, premature ejaculation can be managed or overcome by the man making a few changes.

Solo masturbation with a sex toy or adult toy such as a male masturbator can help the man to build up stamina and begin to identify when he is nearly close to climax. From here he can reduce stimulation and take a brief break.

Talking to a sex therapist is another effective non-invasive treatment which is liable to solve this issue for you. More often that not, there is nothing wrong with the man’s penis. Rather there is a mental issue which once addressed can rectify the issues in the bedroom!

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