Puppy Gear (Part 2)

Continuing where we left off yesterday, we return to all those Puppy Fetish accessories which help to create your fantasy enjoyment with your partner.

A cock ring is a great way to ‘own’ your naughty puppy. Cock rings can be worn by the puppy around his penis or behind his balls. Many cock rings come with accompanying name tags which the dominant partner can choose to have engraved with their ‘pets’ name.

One of the best pieces of equipment which Puppy Fetish enthusiasts and sex toy lovers can invest in to enhance their role playing is a good quality muzzle. There are many available but leather ones are the best quality and those that we recommend. Puppy Fetish participants love the smell and feel of leather and it looks great upon your naughty puppy and facilitates them getting into character.

Using a muzzle, as the dominant partner you get to choose when your pup can talk or bark. They are at your mercy and you are in full control of how you may humiliate them. Indeed, it may be that you only put the muzzle on when they have been particularly naughty and you decide it is time to bring out the adult toys such as the favourite large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo.

In addition to looking great and limiting what noise your puppy can make, most muzzles can have a harness attached to them. Much like a collar would, the muzzle can allow the harness to direct your puppy when they are on all fours. Puppy play with muzzles and collars is a great way for you to assert authority and dominance and a great way to arouse you both.

If your puppy is really just making far too much noise, whether during play time or perhaps you are penetrating them with a massive silicone dildo there are many gags which could be tried. Gags open the puppy’s mouth and then their teeth clamp down on them. They are now rendered powerless to their master’s commands.

A gag needn’t be a boring adult toy, there are a variety to choose from and a lot on the market for Puppy Fetish which feature relevant designs in the shape of bones!

The final accessory we are going to look at is the canine sheath. There are many appendages which resemble the canine penis which can be purchased and subsequently worn by the puppy.

These sex toys are able to serve a number of functions. Firstly they look very authentic and further support the ‘costume’ required to achieve an authentic puppy look. Secondly they can be used as a strap on sex toy which if the puppy has been a really good boy, then he may penetrate his master with it.

Secondly, if you are into Puppy Fetish but are not involved in a relationship or part of a group scene, then the shafts are often able to be used as male masturbators.

Puppy Fetish gear as we have identified in this article can be both exciting and varied and really achieve a genuine feel to your role playing.

If you are drawn to this fetish another great way to incorporate your BDSM play is with the use of a platinum silicone dildo in conjunction with a compatible sex machine or fucking machine. Indeed, if you wish to ‘humiliate’ and ‘punish’ your naughty dog then what better way than by restraining them, getting them into position before unleashing your mechanical device.

John Thomas Toys have produced a range of over 50 different platinum silicone adult toys. Each one comes in 4 handy sizes and have been handcrafted in the finest materials using state of the art manufacturing procedures.

Because they all have a vacuum hole they are compatible with many sex machines and harnesses. The only pre-requisite is that the machine or harness has a vac-u-lock adaptor. The adaptor goes inside the vacuum hole cavity for a tight secure fit. N.B Vac-U-Lock powder is very helpful for the application and removal of the sex toy.

While any platinum silicone sex toy from John Thomas Toy will potentially fit a vac-u-lock adaptor, it is always advisable to go for an adult toy which is not too big or too heavy. If the specifications of your sex toy are too great then it may not be powered by your machine or it may degrade the motor. If in doubt always check with your sex machine manufacturer and read all the specifications which we list with every platinum silicone dildo, dong, butt plug or anal stretcher which we sell.

If you enjoyed Puppy Fetish gear in this article we aim to bring you further equipment for other fetishes in future publications.

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