Role Playing

John Thomas Toys customers not only love our handcrafted platinum silicone dildos. Many of them also like to role play with their partners to really maximise on their sexual enjoyment.

Role-playing in the bedroom for sexual arousal is another form of fetish and the focus for this article.

Through role-playing, the couple can engage in living out their sexual fantasies.

It may be that both partners have a desire to role play or just one has the fantasy and their partner is indulging them!

Generally speaking role-playing is a healthy sexual expression within a loving relationship. Role-playing may be used in a relationship to boost a couple’s sex life if their lovemaking has become predictable and boring.

If this is the case, taking on a role can act as foreplay and be very stimulating for one or both partners.

Sexual role-playing can vary a great deal between individuals but there do seem to be some firm favourites.

One such role play is that of the boss and his secretary. Another may be a man’s fantasy about being seduced during an interview.

As is the case for most fetishes the sky is the limit and it is only one’s imagination which determines how you use the tool of role-playing within the bedroom. One thing is for sure though, that is introducing silicone dildos and silicone dongs in conjunction with role playing can be very arousing!

Perhaps as you try to seduce your ‘secretary’ she could produce a harness and vac-u-lock compatible large silicone dong and begin the act of pegging you (anally penetrating).

Alternative role playing examples include sex with a policeman or policewoman, fireman or indeed a movie star or superhero.

There are plenty of ‘props’ available on line whereby a man or woman can really get into the role by wearing for example a fireman's uniform or nurses outfit.

Perhaps you could be a sexy policewoman and rather than have a truncheon you could have a large silicone dong to penetrate your partners vagina with.

For the most part role-playing fetishes are good healthy fun and are to be enjoyed. They can be seen as a means of sexual expression and a great way to enhance your relationship and live out your fantasies without infidelity.

Another popular example of role playing is where the couple meet in public but pretend to be strangers with different identities. They then go on to seduce one another and have passionate sex under their alter-egos.

With the internet, individuals are able to role play online with adults they have never met (nor may never meet). While they are liable to masturbate on these occasions they can also enhance the fun with the addition of a silicone dildo or dong which are great for anal or vaginal penetration.

John Thomas Toys only ever use the finest medical grade silicone materials and our adult toys are body safe and durable. If looked after there is no reason why they cannot last a lifetime.

John Thomas Toys ship direct from the UK and offer free next working day delivery.

We have large silicone dildos and large silicone dongs of every shape, size and level of firmness that you could ever desire.

If you are new to adult toys we recommend starting off with a 7” silicone dong and if you desire you can build up. The large silicone dongs we offer are 16” long and are extremely big and heavy.

Platinum silicone is hygienic and can be cleaned in the dishwasher or boiling water. Each order gets a free 4oz tub of Boy Butter and if you run out we stock a selection online too.

We have over 15 years experience in the adult toy industry and offer quality silicone dongs at affordable prices whilst maintaining high standards of customer care.

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