Safe Sex

Safe Sex

In this article we are going to look at safe sex. What it actually means and the implications of safe sex in conjunction with the adult toys we produce.

Generally speaking safe sex is when a couple adhere to responsible behaviours to minimise the risks of transmitting a sexual disease or of having an unwanted pregnancy.

Some people practice safe sex by not having intercourse of either the vagina or anus. The couple may instead have oral sex or take part in mutual masturbation.

Alternatively, a heterosexual couple may only have anal sex to prevent pregnancy.

More commonly safe sex is achieved by the men wearing condoms. Condoms are the best way to practice safe sex as they prevent semen and sperm entering into their partners body.

Where pregnancy is the only concern, contraception in the form of the pill may be used or the coil device. Some couples practice their version of safe sex by the man pulling out before he ejaculates although I am sure many unwanted pregnancies occurred this way.

Safe sex can be supported with spermicidal lubricants which kill a man’s sperm when they come into contact to prevent fertilization. Another example of safe sex is using the calendar method whereby at certain times of the month the woman is unlikely to conceive. Again this method is not advisable.

The use of plenty of suitable lubricant is essential in anal sex, none the least as it can prevent abrasion or bleeding of the anus or penis which facilitates disease transmission. Unlike the vagina, the anus cannot self lubricate and can soon dry up.

With the use of adult toys including large silicone dildos, safe sex practices are also relevant.

John Thomas Toys produce body safe medical grade platinum silicone adult toys. Some cheaper materials used to make sex toys on the market; can actually be harmful to the body, if for example they contain pthalates which have been linked to cancer.

Latex adult toys are liable to cause an allergic reaction within you whereas all our sex toys are hypoallergenic.

Furthermore, John Thomas large silicone dongs can be sterilized after each use in boiling water which cannot be said for other lesser quality materials e.g. PVC.

Theoretically a John Thomas platinum silicone dong could be used and cleaned appropriately and then used by someone else without the fear of transmission of a sexually transmitted infection.

This cannot be said for other sex toy materials which is why many of those manufacturers recommend wearing a condom over the toy as they would when being intimate with their partner.

If you are not ready for full sex with your partner why not try mutual masturbation using an adult toy? All our sex toys come with a free tub of Boy Butter lubricant and have been handcrafted from the finest medical grade platinum silicone.

Large silicone dongs are great for anal and vaginal play prior to having sex and are great for getting you in the mood.

Playing with your jumbo silicone dildo in front of your partner is liable to them wild and really heighten things when you get down to making love.

John Thomas Toys sell a special range of adult toys called silicone anal stretchers. Safe sex practices are wise to be observed with them.

Always empty your bowels before use. Clean the anus with a douche or enema and apply plenty of lubricant. Adjust to the sensations and reaction of your body and start off slowly so you do not injure yourself with a sex toy that is too large.

A safe sex recommendation with the use of anal stretchers, is to not leave them in for longer than 20 minutes and to give your body plenty of down time to rest and restore itself in-between sessions.

Provided you are hygienic and sensitive to your body there is no reason you cannot enjoy the joys of stretching your anus and rectum.

John Thomas Toys have over 50 different sex toys available in 4 sizes and 2 types of firmness all designed to facilitate your sexual enjoyment via anal or vaginal penetration.

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