Salirophilia – soiling of appearance fetish (1)

We are resuming once again in our look at the weird and wonderful sexual fetishes which some people partake in as a means to obtain sexual gratification while possibly using their platinum silicone dongs or large silicone dildos.

There are those that are drawn to the sexual fetish known as Salirophilia which is when a person gains sexual arousal from making their sexual partner look a mess!

If you are a salirophiliac then you will derive sexual pleasure and arousal from making your partner look a right state and not find it amusing but down right hot! It may be that they are usually attractive and well presented when they are outside of the home.

However as you perhaps engage with your sex toys or adult toys, for further arousal you choose to totally mess up their appearance! This certainly strikes us a rather ‘off the wall’ sexual fetish! Examples of ways in which you may soil your partners look will now be described.

One of the most common ways is by messing up their hair which perhaps is normally maintained impeccably. Indeed it may be that your sex toy loving partner may laboriously spend a long time washing, drying, straightening or otherwise styling their hair.

Perhaps your adult toy enthusiast partner may normally look ‘photo shoot’ ready! But in this fetish all that changes. Yes the salirophiliac will totally wreck your hairstyle and derive great sexual satisfaction from doing so.

Next if you wear makeup this could be the next area to be vandalised, with lipstick being smeared and mascara going everywhere!

Some sex toy lovers who enjoy this fetish are known to also mess up their adult toy loving partner’s clothing. It may be a simple thing such as removing your partner’s tie and making it wonky or it may be untucking their shirt or unbuckling their belt.

Some adult toy loving salirophiliac’s are known to take this behaviour a step further and actually physically damage that there partner is wearing. For example they may tear clothing e.g rip sleeves off of blouses or shirts. In more extreme examples some fetishists may take a pair of scissors to their partner’s attire and start hacking pieces of material off. They may even take the scissors to the hair if they are being really bad!

If destroying your partner’s hair, makeup and clothing is not enough for a salirophiliac then they are liable to go even further, all the while likely enjoying themselves while using their large silicone dong or jumbo silicone dildo.

Other examples of how sex toy lovers of this fetish may mess up their partner, involves perhaps covering their otherwise perfect outward appearance in something very messy such as tomato sauce or mayonnaise.

Alternatively they may cover their partner in mud and literally rub it all over them even if they are wearing their best clothes!

Salirophilia seems to have a lot of crossover with other sexual fetishes which some adult toy users may engage in such as Wet and Messy Fetish or Golden Shower fetishes.

While there may be some similarities within this fetish and practices of BDSM which adult toy lovers may engage in, it is important to note the differentiation in that it is only their partner’s appearance which is effected – they are not otherwise hurting their partner.

Alternative ways in which this sexual fetish is expressed include, making your partner dress up in terrible clothing. It may be that you make your lover of platinum silicone dildos wear something highly unfashionable. The clothing may be totally mismatched and clashing. The emphasis here is on making them look terrible in whatever they are wearing.


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