Salirophilia – soiling of appearance fetish (2)

Another way this can be achieved is by making your sex toy enthusiast partner wear clothes that are not only hideous aesthetically but also ill fitting. To achieve this you may make them dress up in clothing which is much too small for their bodies. Alternatively, you make them wear clothing which would fit someone twice their size!

The premise of Salirophilia is to make your otherwise sexually attractive partner look terrible!

The worse they look the more aroused you become and the more likely you are going to want to have sexual penetration with them or use a sex toy such as a massive silicone dong or huge silicone dildo.

Most Salirophiliacs inflict all this embarrassing punishment on their partner and it is limited to purely within the safety of their homes. However there are a few more hardcore fetishists who persuade their partners to totally embarrass themselves by making them go out in public looking terrible!

One would imagine that you would have to be very open and receptive to being humiliated in order to go along with this fetish. Not many people enjoy being made to look terrible let alone then being made to face the world like that.

If you enjoy the humiliation side of this fetish then presumably you enjoy masochism. Masochism is whereby a person is sexually aroused by humiliation or punishment – although we have stated that doesn’t generally occur in this fetish.

The person who revels in making their partner look terrible in every aspect of their external appearance seems to fit the profile of being a masochist. Therefore they are enjoying sexual arousal from humiliating and degrading their adult toy collecting partner.

There are many explanations for this type of overt sexualised behaviour but the most prominent suggest that by messing up their partner they are gaining power and control over them which they find an aphrodisiac.

It may be that outside of expressions of this fetish, the partner who is eventually soiled and messed up, is normally the more assertive within their relationship. Therefore in this turning of the tables role play, the more submissive partner gets their own back but also finds it very arousing to them.

It may be that the Salirophiliac finds that there parter is too meticulous and too uptight and takes themselves far too seriously. Therefore messing up how they look forces the poor partner to relinquish some of their control and makes them look vulnerable and subsequently more attractive.

For the adult toy lover that has their look wrecked, it may be that they find it liberating akin to running naked, they are free from their self imposed conformity to societies norms of how they must look and be seen in public.

Aside from the ways which we have suggested, Salirophiliacs may also derive sexual fulfilment in other ways too. Indeed, one such way may be to vandalise or disfigure a statue on display in a museum for example.

Salirophiliacs may have an overwhelming sexual urge to alter the look of attractive celebrities in magazines and then place the amended picture upon their bedroom walls and then pleasure themselves with a platinum silicone dong or massive silicone dildo.

It may be that they deface the picture using ink. Alternatively they may choose to use a bodily fluid or substance!

From looking at this sexual fetish it makes you realise why there are quite a lot of people who enjoy nothing more than watching their favourite celebrity being covered in gunk on a television show.

Perhaps this act of messing up makes the focus of their desire appear more vulnerable and human and that in turn is attractive – especially if they feel otherwise inferior to them.

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