If you love platinum silicone butt plugs then believe you me your anus is in for a right treat!

Ok we need a bit of quiet...

“Attention” the Sergeant Major has arrived and you all better behave “Sir, yes Sir”.

The Sergeant Major is actually inspired from a seriously bad arse army drilling instructor from ATC Pirbright barracks in Surrey and once again we are proud to offer him to you for all your anal indulgences.

The Sergeant Major butt plug has been lovingly based upon the real McCoy and includes gorgeous detailing on what is to date, our best selling platinum silicone butt plug.

The Sergeant Major features highly realistic skin, veins and an expanded top shaft specifically designed for anal added stimulation.

The Sergeant Major was created using 3D computer technology and took many man hours to perfect for all your anal and rectal pleasures.

Once our designers were happy with the prototype, we then used a 3D printer to produce an impressive plastic version. We were very excited with the way this adult toy was already beginning to look even at this stage. Next, in a very time consuming and expensive manufacturing process we create copper molds. Our molds are one complete unit – split molds mean an unsightly seam.

With the copper molds ready we began hand pouring the medical grade platinum silicone to produce these wonderful sex toys. The great advantage of copper molds over cheaper silicone ones (which many adult toy manufacturers still employ the use of) is the degree of ultra fine detail which is captured and maintained. Once the silicone has set we began to reveal our latest and greatest adult toy creation – the wonderful Sergeant Major.

Sergeant Major comes in four fabulous sizes so all anus circumferences and dimensions are catered for! Our small size comes in at just 7” long. If you are new to anal sex and anal play then this is likely to be sufficient for you. The next size up is our 9” length and great for those who have had some anal play experience with sex toys.

The 12” Sergeant major is a big silicone butt plug so please do not rush to purchasing and inserting this sex toy. Finally, and only for the advanced extreme user, we have the 16” version. The extra large butt plug is a huge silicone sex toy.

Silicone adult toys in their larger versions tend to be very big and heavy so do please bare that in mind. Also, please be aware that large silicone sex toys do have the potential to cause personal injury so use with care. If in doubt find out plenty of information pertaining to anal sex with sex toys first so you know what you are doing!

Unlike the vagina the anus does not self lubricate so lubricant is a must. With every adult toy purchased from John Thomas Toys you will receive a free tub of Boy Butter lubricant which is made from coconut oil.

If you intend to use your own lubricant with your platinum silicone butt plug we suggest steering away from those that contain silicone themselves. This is because silicone lubricants can potentially degrade (wear down) you platinum silicone adult toy.

Over time this could effect the naturally non-porous properties of the adult toy and bacteria could get inside the toy etc. Water based lubricants are great with platinum silicone sex toys or natural products such as those we supply with every sex toy.

We have a range of Boy Butter personal lubricants available from within our website for your convenience.

Sergeant Major is a great platinum silicone butt plug and you will have endless fun either alone or with a partner, as you allow the Sergeant to penetrate you and plug you up tight. Just don't give the Sergeant any back chat or he will make you drop and give him 50!

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