Sex Machines

Sex Machines

Sex machines are also known as fucking machines or ‘fuck machines’.

In this article we will have a brief look at some of the types of sex machines available.

A sex machine is a device which is used to stimulate or penetrate the human body.

The goal of a sex machine is to illicit sexual arousal culminating in orgasm.

Both men and women can use sex machines and they are suitable for many roles. These include penetrating the vagina and/or anus, stimulating the clitoris or spanking the buttocks.

Sex machines can range from relatively cheap at under a £100 to very expensive – way into the thousands of pounds. With a high end investment you can expect a machine which is capable of great length of insertion and high power thrusting.

To use a sex machine you generally need a dildo or dong to attach.

John Thomas Toys offer a vast range of silicone dildos which are compatible with most machines on the market.

Our adult toys are body safe and hypoallergenic and are compatible specifically with machines that use the vac-u-lock system.

Sex machines can be very loud - or if you invest in a top of the range one – virtually silent.

Sex machines are great for penetration of the vagina or anus.

Sex machines have taken adult toys and sex toys to the next level. Essentially with a sex machine you are still masturbating but the experience is equal to or greater than that of real human penetration in terms of the speed, force and duration with which the session can last.

Sex machines can enable adults who are not in a relationship to experience penetrative sex or try anal sex for the first time.

Some sex machines on the market can mimic oral sex for men a good example is the Venus machine.

Sex machines can be used with male masturbators which are another adult toy. One such sex toy is called the Fleshlight and be attached to a sex machine which thrusts to recreate the sensation of a man penetrating a woman’s vagina, anus or mouth.

Sex machines are great if you are single or your partner is away a lot. They are also very helpful to people who have a limited sex life due to illness, age or disability.

If you intend to use a sex machine in conjunction with a dildo or dong choose carefully.

Firstly the style of adult toy needs to compliment your desired use. E.g. some large silicone dildos are perfectly designed to stroke a man’s prostrate via anal penetration.

We only recommend that you purchase top quality body safe materials for your adult toys. The best material for dildos and dongs is medical grade platinum silicone - John Thomas Toys use nothing else.

Some large silicone dongs are not suitable for low spec sex machines because they are too big and heavy and liable to burn out the motor.

Before you invest in a jumbo silicone dong for your machine check that it can handle it.

The Shockspot is a very good sex machine which can carry a decently weighted large silicone dildo.

If you are new to large silicone dongs it may be advisable to go for something a little smaller to begin with.

Experiment with different size adult toys for anal and vaginal penetration but don’t rush into going for the next size up. Some of our 16” sex toys for example are massive silicone dongs and are capable of causing injury if not used safely.

While medical grade platinum silicone dildos are more expensive than cheaper materials e.g. PVC or TPE they far superior and thoroughly worth the investment.

John Thomas Toys produce quality silicone dongs which enable you to bring your sex machine to life. We have a vast range in stock for next working day delivery and we ship direct from the UK.

We have been working in the adult toy industry for over 15 years and have a real emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction.

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