Sex when your partners away

There are times when our partners are away for a period of time and while for many that is not an issue, some people struggle without daily sex.

Indeed if the couple regularly make love then a few days can feel like an eternity. Traditionally couples may have intimate private conversations over the telephone where they masturbate but this can leave you somewhat wanting.

John Thomas Toys do a fabulous range of platinum silicone dildos and platinum silicone dongs which are great to use when your partner is away.

If your partner is away what better way to have ‘phone sex’ with them than with the incorporation of a sex toy or adult toy.

John Thomas Toys are made of the finest medical grade platinum silicone so you can rest assured that they are body safe and non-toxic. Further more they are totally hypoallergenic so no chance of an allergic reaction akin to using cheaper sex toys such as those made of latex.

John Thomas adult toys are great for anal or vaginal penetration. All of our platinum silicone adult toys come in four different sizes. They are small which is 7” long, medium – which is 9” long, large – which is 12” long and extra large – which is 16” long. The extra long adult toys really are massive silicone dongs.

Before you order you sex toy from John Thomas please double check all the specifications! We advise customers of this because platinum silicone dildos and dongs can be rather big and heavy.

Our adult toys can be used to masturbate anally or vaginally. Alternatively they could be used with a sex machine. A sex machine for those of you that are not familiar, is a mechanical device which is able to simulate sexual action. Sexual actions which a sex machine (also known as a fucking machine) can mimic include vaginal or anal penetration. Furthermore, with the incorporation of a male masturbator, they can be used to simulate for example oral sex for a man.

While John Thomas Toys do not stock male masturbators we have vast range of adult toys and sex toys guaranteed to tease and please you.

Aside from large silicone dongs and jumbo silicone dildos, we also sell platinum silicone anal stretchers, platinum silicone anal plugs plus a range of harnesses, boy butter personal lubricant and a range of optional accessories.

So the next time you and your partner are away from one another why not simultaneously both get out your adult toys and indulge in some real pleasure and share the experience over the phone or even via video call on your phone.

Because John Thomas large silicone dildos (plus the whole range) come with a vacuum hole, your sex toy is very versatile. The vacuum hole means you could apply your sex toy to a suction cup dildo holder and the large silicone dong could be stuck to a flat surface for example where you could then move back and forth on it as it penetrates you.

If you are interested in sex machines then we suggest you go for one with high specifications as not all sex machines are able to carry the weight of a large silicone dong.

Assuming you have acquired a vac-u-lock compatible sex machine or fucking machine, you just need to select the platinum silicone adult toy you desire from our range. Then, apply vac-u-powder or an equivalent high quality corn starch to the sex toy’s cavity. The powder facilitates the application and removal of the adult toy from the vac-u-lock adapter.

With machine ready to go and suitable toy attached (jumbo silicone dongs are liable to damage even the best sex machines so please check with the manufacturer before you use) then you can call your partner and have a great session even in their absence.

If you are using a sex toy we always recommend using plenty of lubricant. While the vagina does self lubricate, the anus does not. With the purchase of every sex toy from John Thomas Toys you will receive a free 4oz tub of Boy Butter.

Boy Butter lubricant is made from body safe ingredients which wash away with water and do not stain your bedding. In addition they are long lasting and effective akin to silicone lubricants which are however known to degrade some adult toys.

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