Sex with vegetables & fruit

John Thomas Toys offer a range of mouthwatering platinum silicone dildos and platinum silicone dongs. In addition they stock a range of butt plugs and anal stretchers among other things.

If you are new to adult toys or perhaps weren’t aware of the complex range of sex toys on the market then maybe like many others you have improvised.

It is both amusing and scary to read about all the items which have been inserted into the human body in the search for pleasure. Ranging from the down right daft to the perfectly reasonable, many improvisations have been used.

Possibly one of the most common sources for improvised sex toys, comes from the use of none other than fruit and vegetables found in our local supermarket.

Indeed, cucumbers, carrots, corn on the cob, leeks and even rhubarb have been secretly used by men and women to penetrate themselves. Men may use these vegetables to penetrate themselves anally while women may use them anally or vaginally (or even both). N.B There have even been anecdotal stories of men hollowing out cucumbers to use them as male masturbators.

John Thomas Toys does not recommend using vegetable for anal or vaginal penetration! We have a vast range of every shape and size large silicone dildo you could ever desire for your orifice of choice.

Indeed, we currently have over 50 separate designs, all in 4 different sizes and then each in 2 different levels of firmness. That as I am sure you will agree, is a comprehensive offering for your delectation.

If you really want to indulge with a vegetable as a makeshift sex toy then there are a number of things to take into account before you get started.

Firstly, is the item in question liable to transmit bacteria or cause infection? Next you must look realistically at your makeshift large silicone dong and think is it liable to break in half when I am using it? This is a serious concern as in the throes of passion you may find half of what you are using is stuck inside you and that would be a seriously awkward conversation to have with your GP if you got into trouble as a consequence.

The final consideration is would this proposed instrument be capable of causing me harm rather than enjoyment?

An example of this would be using a banana. An unpeeled banana can be quite coarse and rough and may well inflict an injury into a very delicate region of your body. However a peeled banana may be more suitable although still liable to break in two.

While I am sure a range of fruit and vegetables have indeed been used to penetrate the anus and vagina or indeed for the penis to penetrate, there is no substitute for body safe platinum silicone sex toys.

John Thomas Toys use nothing but medical grade platinum silicone in all our handcrafted adult toys.

Our sex toys are skillfully designed in the UK and manufactured in the USA. Our manufacturing process involves 3D computer software in conjunction with 3D printers and impressive copper molds which transfer a vast array of ultra high definition detail to our highly durable sex toys.

Our toys are not only body safe but they are also non-porous which means water cannot be absorbed within them – this reduces the chance of infection, such as an STI being spread. Furthermore, they are hypoallergenic so there is no risk of developing an allergy to their use equivalent to those found with latex sex toys.

Platinum silicone will not stain nor tear and if looked after appropriately is liable to last a lifetime.

A large platinum silicone dildo can be sterilized in boiling water after use and then left to dry. Afterwards it can be stored in a plastic container to keep it away from dust and hairs – ready for it’s next outing.

Platinum silicone is phthalate free and represents the highest quality material used in the adult toy industry.

The next time you are in the Supermarket we suggest not bothering with the cheap solution which is liable to cause an abrasion or break in two and instead opt for the quality both you and your body deserves.

John Thomas Toys are happy to help with any queries you may have and our friendly staff are available to take your call.

John Thomas Toys have over 15 years experience in the sex toy industry and are accredited Class 1 Merchants.

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