Sexual Lubricant

Sexual Lubricant

Whenever you are using sex toys and adult toys we at JohnThomasToys always recommend you use plenty of sexual lubricant.

Without sexual lubricant sex (with or without adult toys) can be much less fun and relaxing and enjoyable. Indeed, it could become painful and either yourself or a partner could be left ‘put off’ by it sufficiently that they no longer wish to partake in it with you.

While it is true that in women the vagina naturally produces a lubricant, sometimes this can dry up during sex or because of other health related factors it may not be produced at all or in sufficient a quantity to facilitate penetration etc.

The anus on the other hand is totally different to the vagina in that it does not self-lubricant in the form of excretions of bodily fluids found in women.

Therefore, it is apparent that regardless of your sex or that of your partner sexual lubricant is advisable or essential.

Next in this article we are going to have a brief look at the sexual lubricants available.

The main types include: water based, silicone based, oil based or hybrid based (which can combine any of the others).

Water based lubricants are the great all-rounder lubricant. They can be used with sex toys or adult toys such as large silicone dildos and they are also safe for use with condoms. Indeed, water based lubricants have been shown to decrease the chances of a condom breaking which could lead to unplanned pregnancy or transmission of an STD.

Water based lubricants are great because when you are finished in your sexual activity it is really easy to wash off from your hands and body, furthermore they do not leave permanent marks and residue on your clothes and bedding and it is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction to your skin or sensitive areas – unless you have a sensitive skin condition. Water based lubricants have the downside in that you are liable to have to reapply frequently so you may find your supply going down quickly.

Silicone based lubricants help if you do have an aforementioned skin condition as they are hypoallergenic and can create a wonderfully smooth sensation when it is used with sex toys to penetrate the anus and vagina.

The use of silicone based lubricants is not recommended with quality adult toys such as those made by JohnThomasToys. Being medical grade platinum silicone our large silicone dongs are the best quality on the market but silicone based lubricants can gradually wear down your sex toy and over time make it less hygienic and durable.

Oil based lubricants are great for people who don't want to keep reapplying lube when they are using their large silicone dong or having sex with their partner. Oil based lubricants are not recommended when used with condoms though as they are liable to increase the chance of splitting.

* Be careful you do not get oil based lubricant on your bedding as it may stain *

Finally, there are also some ‘natural’ lubricants available on the market which you may want to explore. The benefits of those are that they are often paraben free and odourless and tasteless.

N.B When you purchase an adult toy from JohnThomasToys we always send you (for free) a 4oz tub of Boy Butter personal lubricant. If you find this running out please pop back to our site where you can see our full range. (The free Boy Butter you will receive is oil based).

Regardless of the type of personal lubricant that you choose it is important that you do apply it, as it can make such a huge difference particularly when used with jumbo silicone dongs like the 16” Beastli platinum silicone dildo.

Please contact us at JohnThomasToys if you require further information regarding the use of sexual lubricants with your jumbo silicone dong.

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