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Updated: May 14, 2020

Having introduced you briefly to Slube, in this article we wanted to go into a little more detail regarding its use in the bathtub. Having never heard of a sexual lubricant which could also be used in this manner you can safely say we were all very intrigued!

Having spent the last few nights mucking around with this fun product I can now depart a brief low-down on what one needs to do to use it. If it is going in the bath then run your bath (put the plug in!) and then toss the product into it and allow it to dissolve. The Slube dissolves quite quickly and leaves a really slimy treat behind. If the consistency is too thick you can add more water and if it is too runny you can add more crystals. Once you have achieved the desired consistency you can then clamber in the bath and enjoy the sensations. As the Slube range are both coloured and flavoured you can truly cater for yourself to ensure a bespoke indulgent erotic experience.

Many John Thomas Toys customers find the sensation of being in a bath of slimy slube so arousing that they then feel drawn to engage in the use of their sex toys such as large silicone dildos or huge silicone dongs. Because you are in effect sitting in a bath of lube you do not need to worry about your orifice(s) becoming dry and difficult to penetrate!

Slube is such a great product to play with and when you have finished using it you simply have to take your plug out and watch it safely drain away.

Platinum silicone dildos of the high quality which John Thomas Toys make can easily be warmed up or cooled down prior to insertion. This is a great way of creating extra sensations for your own body or that of your partners. In a similar manner, slube can be reconstituted with warm water and then expect it to be able to hold onto that heat for the duration of your sex session.

What we loved about using Slube is that you do not need to keep reapplying it every five minutes. If you and your partner are both naked and covered in Slube then you will find it not only highly arousing but plain good fun!

Not everyone obviously wants to cook up a big batch of Slube and some sex toy customers prefer to only manage a small quantity at a time. In these cases, you can place some crystals in a bottle and then add some warm water and shake. You then just have to wait a moment until 'voila' you have now got a handy supply of lubricant which you can use when you masturbate with your platinum silicone dong or even large silicone dildo.

As we have already mentioned, Slube is also hypoallergenic which is important to appreciate because many adult sex toy users do have allergic reactions to products which can unfortunately put them off using them and gaining the immense pleasure available.

Slube is fine to use inside the anal or vaginal cavity and you do not need to worry if you accidentally ingest a tiny quantity into your mouth although not a great idea to drink it as it is not edible!

The colours in Slube are all only food grade which is nice to know plus when you discard it is totally degradable so you can rest assured that you are not harming the environment in any way. For those vegan sex toy lovers, you will also be pleased to know that the colours are vegan friendly.

If you were to buy one of our 500g boxes of slube you will receive two 250g sachets which make up enough for two baths. Obviously if you use it just for sex and make it up in a bottle it is going to last a long time and you will have plenty of time to enjoy your platinum silicone dildo or massive silicone dong whilst using it.

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