Small penis fetish

We have looked at lots of strange sexual fetishes over the last few weeks. Lovers of sex toys and adult toys are likely to have been intrigued by some and perhaps revolted by others.

As the writer of this blog, all I believe is of importance, is that whatever it is that you use as a fetish it is legal and doesn't hurt anyone (unless you enjoying being hurt!). If you want to use your large silicone dong while your partner urinates on you then hats off to you to go and indulge.

If you like a jumbo silicone dong inserted anally while your partner licks melted chocolate from your breasts then why not – life is short – why not make the most of it!

The next strange sexual fetish which bucks the trend of what is normally expected, is when some adults have a sexual preference for men with unusually small penises.

Heterosexual women and gay men, in general prefer their male sexual partners to be well endowed. That is the like their man to have a large penis and this may even be something which determines whether the couple can have ongoing sexual relations.

Some adult toy lovers use large silicone dongs because their male partners do not have a large enough penis to satisfy them anally or vaginally.

Indeed, some men wear enhancements over their penises to make up for the fact that they are not very large down their.

Many lovers of men will say that they are attracted to African American men and one of the main reasons is because they tend to have a large penis which they enjoy.

Therefore it is unusual to suggest that there are some individuals for whom a small penis is their preference. Indeed, it is not only what they prefer but rather what they require in order to become fully sexually aroused and to reach orgasm.

If you have a small penis fetish then you would likely exclude men who were too big in that area regardless of if you found them otherwise physically attractive and a match personality wise.

For those sex toy lovers who are drawn to men with small penises then it may well be that they are equally drawn to BDSM role play.

Within this fetish sex toy lovers enjoy humiliating their partner. For those men with a small penis it is often a source of shame.

However, some men with small penises like being humiliated and made fun of therefore if they meet a dominant sexual partner who wants to ridicule them then it may be a good match.

If you are a small penis fetish enthusiast then you would be liable to request a picture of your man’s penis prior to getting intimate with them. Therefore you could establish whether they were too big or just right.

Those adults who are not in relationships are liable to look at naked pictures of men with small penises while masturbating perhaps with a sex toy like a small silicone dong.

It may be tricky to find a man who is open about having a small penis as it is often something which they are not confident about.

If you enjoy small penises then you may want to check out John Thomas Toys in the size small. These platinum silicone dongs, butt plugs, dildos and anal stretchers are a great substitute for the real thing and in some occasions a far superior replacement!

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