Smoking Fetish

This next fetish which some adult toy lovers of platinum silicone dildos or massive silicone dongs might find amusing is called smoking fetish.

While traditionally we have been conditioned by society and the media that film stars (in the late 20th century) were considered cool if they smoked. In 2019 however smoking is associated as more to do with being harmful to your health.

However there are still many adults (sex toy lovers or not!) who find it highly erotic and arousing if their partner smokes.

Furthermore, for some adult toy lovers if their partner does not smoke then that is reason enough to not want to be with them.

Whether it is the image of the cigarette being in their partners mouth which arouses them it is unclear. There certainly seems to be a relationship with the mouth though and the potential to link this oral sex perhaps?

Some adult toy lovers love nothing more than to see their partner inhaling and exhaling a cigarette. Whether nowadays the appeal can be recreated with electronic cigarettes we don’t know!

If you have a smoking fetish then you may need your partner to actually smoke while you are making love. More traditionally, smoking was an accepted behavior after you had finished intercourse and were perhaps having a contemplative ‘breather’!

Some smokers are able to seductively inhale smoke allowing to bellow from their mouths and noses, perhaps this is what appeals to their sex toy loving partner. Or maybe it is the suggestive way they hold their cigarette implying that it is their penis perhaps?!

If you are into BDSM it may be that you like to use cigarettes as a demonstration of power. Perhaps only the dominant partner may be allowed to smoke while the submissive goes without this ‘luxury.

Alternatively if you have a smoking fetish and are into real edge play (which we do not endorse) then perhaps you like to stub out your cigarettes on their naked flesh!

Some smoking fetishists like to see their partner blow smoke inside bubbles and find the experience hypnotic and arousing at the same time.

If you do enjoy smoking fetish then perhaps you might want to consider something a little better for your health? It would surely be better to find a fetish which hasn’t been found to be a carcinogen!

Far better (we think) is to foster a fetish for medical grade platinum silicone sex toys. Whether you are drawn to adult toys for anal penetration or vaginal, John Thomas Toys surely have something suitable.

In addition, we have a great range of toys purely for anal pleasure in the form of platinum silicone butt plugs and platinum silicone anal stretchers. Always remember if you use adult toys anally then they require lots of personal sexual lubricant. This is because unlike the vagina, the anus cannot self lubricate.

Sex toys like platinum silicone dongs or vibrators are a great way to enhance your sex lives either alone or with a partner. Furthermore, the entire range of John Thomas Toys silicone toys have potential compatibility with harnesses and sex machines.

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