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Updated: May 13, 2020

Adult toy customers love to choose from our extensive range. Our aim is to provide such a broad selection of quality sex toys that ultimately you find everything you could hope to find in one place. We all come in different shapes and sizes and as a consequence our sex toys are all available in 4 different sizes so you can be sure that the toy you choose fits you well.

Please refer to all the specifications found on each platinum silicone dong prior to ordering as you may be surprised at the size and weight of some of these large silicone dongs or huge silicone dildos.

With our sex toys available in either small, medium, large or extra large there is no reason why you cannot have the design you want. Furthermore, there is a choice in firmness for you to consider also! Super Soft Medium is our most favourite though.

Before you order consider what your requirements are. Do you intend to use the sex toy alone or with a partner? Do you want to attach it to a harness so you can penetrate your partner or vice versa?

Additionally, did you want to use it will a sex machine or fucking machine? These are all pertinent questions in enabling you to make the right choice.

While most of our sex toys are pretty versatile – they can be used for anal or vaginal penetration – some have been particularly designed for one or other orifice.

Therefore, before you buy your next adult toy consider where you plan to use it as some of our designs have features which enhance your anal or vaginal experience in a more superior manner.

A new feature on one of our designs of platinum silicone dongs is the ability to spray a liquid into your orifice at the moment of your own choosing! If you can spray a warm liquid into your vagina or anus then in effect you are recreating the feeling of being sexually penetrated by a man’s penis which is ejaculating sperm and semen inside you.

Many men and women find this feeling to be highly erotic and enjoyable however, it may be that they are single or their partner is away so they cannot enjoy it at the present. With a John Thomas Toys squirting platinum silicone dong there is no need to be disappointed again.

This clever design has been incorporated into one of our best platinum silicone dongs called the Sampson.

The Sampson is an eye-catching muscular treat of a sex toy guaranteed to thrill time after time. Furthermore, this adult toy has been made with three different colours of medical grade platinum silicone in a hand pouring process known as fusion. As a consequence you can be sure that if you order one of these designs, that no-one else will have one quite the same. Yes that’s right – every single one of these adult toys will deviate from every other one subsequently made.

The Sampson has a hidden channel which is utilised by the free syringe and tubing you receive. In order to gain the full experience, simply fill the syringe with warm (not hot or boiling) water or some edible fluid. Then when you are ready to feel the release simply plunge down on the syringe to feel it spray out inside you.

Some customers love their partners to release the liquid for them just as they are reaching their own climax and find it a wonderful experience.

N.B The Sampson platinum silicone dildo can be used with or without the spraying syringe attached and is one of our most popular designs to date.

In addition, using your own warm water or other body safe fluid, means women do not need to worry about pregnancy or neither men nor women need to worry about the spread of STD’s but they can still enjoy the sensation.

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