Welcome back to our sex toy loving readers. We are continuing as ever, in our look at weird and wonderful sexual fetishes which have been identified and which adult toy enthusiasts may be interested to read about.

Today we are looking at Sthenolagnia. I am assuming that we are all familiar with this one? Don’t worry we are just kidding – no we had never heard of it either.

Sthenolagnia, is the sexual fetish to do with muscles and displays of strength.

This sexual fetish at face value seems pretty self explanatory – particularly if we look at it from a heterosexual female perspective (N.B men and women of all sexual orientations are potentially attracted to muscles and shows of strength).

From a heterosexual woman’s perspective, they are biologically programmed to find a mate and reproduce an offspring. If women didn’t do this then it would be the end of human life on earth.

In Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, he suggests that life is about the survival of the fittest. Whereby those humans (and animals) which possess the best characteristics which facilitate survival are most likely to grow up and reproduce themselves.

Therefore, it is natural that women (in this example) would want to find a male to impregnate them who boasted athleticism and a muscular body capable of a great show of strength. So from a purely biological perspective this sexual fetish is completely understandable.

If as a woman we choose a man who is strong then our offspring are likely to be strong and therefore more likely to survive into adult hood and reproduce themselves. All very interesting stuff and probably there is some truth in it.

However, as we alluded to earlier it is not just straight women who are attracted to displays of strength etc. There are many lesbian women who are equally attracted to strong, muscular women. Furthermore, there are gay men whose sexual preference is not just for other men per se but often those which are particularly strong and macho in keeping with this fetish.

From a different perspective, there are also examples of heterosexual men who love nothing more than being with physically superior women. Under these circumstances, the man may be totally overpowered and dominated by the woman. This type of eroticism seems akin to submissive and humiliating behaviour found in a typical BDSM role play.

So whether you are aroused by the sight of a muscular man or woman action star that you see on TV or in the movies it is probably very common.

Furthermore, it may be that heterosexual men are drawn to strong women who can display strength as this is telling them (whether it’s conscious or subconsciously) that these women could potentially carry their offspring and be strong enough to raise them well. Furthermore, similarly to that which we identified earlier, these men may also see these women as highly likely to produce strong healthy offspring which would mean it would be probable that their genetic lineage would be maintained.

Fascinating. Or then again it may be that you like seeing Dwayne the Rock Johnson with his shirt off for no other reason other than appreciation of the male form!

If you do enjoy seeing a muscular body and a display of strength and facilitates your aroused state then why not incorporate a large silicone dildo or massive silicone dong to the proceedings. All our sex toys and adult toys in platinum silicone are body safe and allergen free.

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