We have established that despite the fact that many people disapprove of adult porn, there is still an overwhelming demand for it and as consequence hundreds of millions of adults watch it on their computers or other streaming devices every single day.

We are not here to discuss whether porn is a good or bad thing. All this writer wishes to say is that spending too much time watching porn is likely to have some detrimental effects on your interpersonal relationships.

We have been looking at the different types of adult porn which is commonly found online. Many lovers of sex toy or adult toys use porn as a tool or means to illicit sufficient sexual excitement whereby they then feel motivated to engage in the use of their large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo.

In addition, many sex toy lovers watch porn and then go on to be intimate with their partner and it merely helps to set the mood both both parties.

There is online porn available for every gender identification and if you are looking for a certain depiction of adult porn then you are liable to be able to find it.

One of the most popular representations of porn, is and has always been, straight sex porn.

Essentially straight sex porn is what one would conceive it would be – a heterosexual couple having sex – therefore you would expect to see just a man and a woman.

Many lovers of sex toys such as platinum silicone dongs prefer straight sex porn to watch with their partner. It may be that the married men would quite like to watch lesbian porn but compromise on straight sex porn because their wife would not be particularly receptive to it.

Within straight sex porn you can expect to see a man and woman engaging in sex in a variety of different sexual positions.

Some sex toy loving porn viewers are quite appeased to seeing a man penetrate his partner in the standard missionary position (man on top).

Alternatively, some adult toy lovers want to see a heterosexual couple being a bit more adventurous. As a consequence in some straight sex porn you would see anal penetration as well as vaginal penetration.

Some straight sex porn may also feature the introduction of sex toys or adult toys into the proceedings. Indeed, it is not uncommon for the woman depicted in the porn to be wearing a harness with a platinum silicone dong attached.

With the harnessed dildo, she is able to anally penetrate her man in a procedure known as ‘pegging’.

Aside from the incorporation of sex toys or adult toys into straight sex porn, you can expect to see lots of foreplay. Straight sex porn can either be softcore or hardcore.

Softcore porn is suggestive and leaves more up to the imagination of the viewer. Sexual acts are more implied rather than graphically depicted. Hardcore porn is as one would imagine – featuring close ups of genitals being used for penetration.

Also within straight porn, you would expect to see either sex performing oral sex upon the other.

When a woman gives a man oral sex it is known as fellatio or in slang as a blowjob.

If a man gives a woman oral sex then this is known as cunnilingus.

Adult porn caters for all races, sexes and gender identification – if straight sex porn is not for you then this is likely to be something which will.

Watching adult porn in conjunction with the use of your sex toy or adult toy can help to facilitate masturbation if you are alone or single.

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