Strange places to have sex (3)

Continuing our articles looking at strange places to have sex, that adult toy lovers have told us about, we return today with a predictable entry. Again there is unlikely to be enough time to whip out your large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo, but on an aeroplane remains a firm favorite.

Maybe its all the excitement of going on holiday or maybe it is the novelty factor of being on a plane, but it sure does seem to get some sex toy lovers rather heated. Quite whether the decision to make out on a plane was a premeditated idea or they were just caught up in the moment we will never know. What we do know however is that adult toy lovers that responded in our anonymous survey told us that being in the mile high club was one ticked off their respective bucket lists.

Getting into the toilet on an aeroplane to have sex with your partner you are going to have to have some serious stealth tactics as it cannot be that easy to sneak both of you in there, plus space is confined and time is limited so you are going to have to get down to it quick. There is no time for foreplay and no congratulatory cuddle afterwards – just a serious case of wham bam thank you mam (or sir).

If you intend to join the mile high club just don’t spend too much time in there as no doubt there will be loads of passengers dying for the toilet but if you see a couple looking a bit too happy in the queue then they are probably having similar intentions as you.

Moving on, there seems to be a strong theme here, yes that’s right it is all very well people having sex in strange places but the common denominator seems to be the toilet. As we said yesterday, some sex toy lovers are not taking their dates to the most classy places to get intimate!

That being said, if you are horny and hungry then why not pop to Mc Donalds, place your order and then go and make out in the toilet there. Fast food joints like MD’s is another of the favoured places that adult toy lovers have had a quickie.

Again the toilets in these restaurants are checked every half an hour so your window of opportunity is small, there is no time for 2nds but plenty of napkins available if you need to wipe your brow afterwards.

The next interesting place that respondents told us about was at work! While work place romances/relationships are in our opinion, not the greatest idea, they are quite common.

Sex toy lovers told us that they have often been feeling hot and horny at work and on occasions they have found a receptive co-worker. Needless to say there is a high danger factor at play here, as not only are you likely to get caught, but if that happened it might mean more than just a red face.

Losing your job because you couldn’t keep it in your pants has got to be a pretty poor reason to be unemployed but sometimes adult toy lovers are just caught up in the moment and without their large silicone dong or jumbo silicone dildo available, then they might have to make do with ‘Bob’ in security.

Interestingly, some people in our survey of adult toy lovers, told us that they regularly take their sex toys to work with them. The reasoning behind this is in case they get caught short and need to masturbate. Again this is a risky scenario but you are far less likely to be caught in the toilets with your platinum silicone dong or huge silicone dildo than you would if you had another accomplice on all fours. Whatever you do, if you are enjoying your sex toy don’t get too vocal as that will be a serious give away!

For those of you that do take your massive silicone dildos out and about with you, we do hope they don’t conduct any staff searches from time to time or you have some explaining to do!

The next wacky example is not from our sex toy respondents but we felt it had to go in this article. An Australian couple were driving along when they noticed the Google Earth car taking pictures for their maps. Rather than just continue on their journey, they overtook the car, got out and the man bent over his partner and penetrated her.

So just as the Google camera came past to capture the images this couple were putting on a show which would end up being recorded and going online! There were no large silicone dongs or huge silicone dildos involved but they were having intercourse. Fortunately Google censored the image but it certainly created a talking point.

In Manchester, a similar situation occurred whereby a man was captured by the Google camera with his trousers down while a woman was giving him some hand relief. Sounds like the Google team are liable to have quite interesting jobs when they are going through the footage.

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