Strange places to have sex (4)

Yesterday we finished our article on strange places to have sex with a slight detour looking at an anecdote regarding a man and woman getting frisky down an alleyway captured by street imaging technology in the UK.

Street view nudity has inadvertently caused quite a lot of controversy since the road image capture technology was introduced and has famously caught people in some very interesting positions. People have been caught naked in places and situations where they really shouldn’t be! No word yet whether anyone has been caught with their large silicone dong or jumbo silicone dildo but we are sure it is just a matter of time.

Moving on, we return to strange places which sex toy lovers have admitted to having sex or have suggested they would love to. Not a major surprise, but many have told us that they have had a crafty session at the beach. In amongst the sand dunes being one of the most recommended places apparently. Again whether it is the scantily clad attire which is worn by adult toy lovers at the beach which leaves little to the imagination and gets them horny we cant say for sure.

One thing is for sure sex toy lovers go to the beach when it’s hot and sunny and there is nothing like a hot day to get temperatures rising and primal urges start rising.

If you do have sex at the beach be considerate of your potential audience and mind out you dont get sand anywhere too private or else you will be in for some serious friction burns!

Sex in a corn field. The team at John Thomas Toys thought this was a worthy entry into these articles which sex toy lovers have helped us to create.

The beauty of sex in a corn field is in mid summer the corn is very high, if you are careful you can sneak in and leave no evidence of your entry. The farmer is unlikely to be very appreciative of you being there, but potentially you could flatten a tiny area and lay down a blanket and voila you have your own private outdoor suite.

If you are not too loud and the weather is fine then there is no reason why your liaison needs to be rushed. On this occasion there surely is the possibility to bring out your platinum silicone dildos such as a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo.

Just remember to take your lubricant and if it is hot don’t forget your sun cream!

Once you have had your fun you’ve also got a perfect spot for a picnic, then check the coast is clear and you can sneak out and merge back with all the local walkers. Just remember to pack up and hide all your adult toys and do a customary innocent whistle.

When the crops are harvested at the end of summer no doubt you and your adult toy lover partner can look wistfully at the spot where you had some serious summer loving and look forward to the new crop being sown.

Ok the last entry today in our look at strange places to have had sex which sex toy lovers have told us about is a serious eye opener. We thought they must be kidding but hey it sounded legit!

Adult toy lovers have actually had sex with their partner down at the local tip. One thing is for sure there are not going to be any sweet smells of love down there.

We think it takes balls and a strong stomach to be able to get in the mood down at the dumps and hats off to you. We are not going to criticize and talk trash about you (joke) but surely next time you can find somewhere a little more romantic!

As you can see from these articles thus far, adult toy lovers really are a randy sort, but hey we should have known that, bearing in mind all the jumbo silicone dongs and massive silicone dildos they get through.

John Thomas Toys produce adult toys of a very high quality. They are all handcrafted for your pleasure. They are designed in the UK and produced in the USA using the finest medical grade platinum silicone.

All our platinum silicone dongs, dildos, butt plugs and stretchers are produced from body safe materials which are conscientiously produced whilst considering the impacts on the environment in order to minimise degradation and reduce our carbon footprint.

John Thomas Toys are fun and innovative and highly durable and all available in 4 different sizes and 2 levels of firmness.

If you have any questions regarding our sex toys or their application please drop us a line and a friendly member of the team will respond to you swiftly.

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