Strange places to have sex (6)

We are getting a real education as to what some sex toy lovers are willing to do when they are in the mood. It is important to say that the majority of our adult toy lovers say that these places to have sex are just fantasies and they have never actually performed in these places – OK we believe you ;-)

Right the next strange place to have sex we think is quite a funny one. Where better place to have gotten intimate than in your parents bed. For all of those people for which your parents haven’t approved of your relationship/marriage etc. then this is a middle finger of rebellion – hats off to you – just don't get caught or Sunday dinner will not be the same again!

Quite popular with adult toy lovers has been another location which is on a boat. Is it the novelty factor of being on the water? Is it the inevitable bobbing up and down on the river or the constant motion of the waves that gets people horny – again we cannot say for sure.

Our theory is that it is the freedom of being on boat plus you are liable to be on holiday. We even heard from one very randy adult toy loving couple who had a very cheeky rendezvous.

By all accounts they were on a small boat and the male partner was in the cabin with his head out of the sunroof. No sex toys were involved, so no jumbo silicone dong stories here, however he was receiving fellatio at the time from his girlfriend.

What tickled us is that apparently lots of pensioners were walking past the boat wishing him a ‘good evening’, to which he said ‘ yes it is!’.

Now as we move on again, it has to be said that adult toy lovers are very kinky fellows. Indeed many of them have said they love nothing more than to get it on in very enclosed spaces. While I am not sure of the logistics of what they are saying, it sounds like they like to have sex in small cupboards and even chests. Again if this is your thing then hats off to you just don’t get into any tight spaces that you cannot get out of! Presumably you would have to be quite young fit and nimble to perform in an enclosed space and definitely not a sufferer of claustrophobia.

The next time you are shopping for clothes and you go into the changing room keep an ear out. According to our sex toy survey, some randy couples have sex in these little booths. What’s scary or impressive (we are not sure which) is that the only privacy you are afforded is by a thin curtain.

Inside a booth is going to be tricky to get both of you in there for starters, plus you are going to have to be quick as it likely wont be long before you hear some die hard shop assistant saying “does it fit ok?” “do you need a bigger one?”. To which if your partners member is not big enough you might be tempted to say something rude back!

You are going to have to be quiet and swift as the last thing you are going to want is the store detective violently opening the curtains and the two of you being exposed for the world to see.

Similar to our account of a couple having sex in an operating room at a hospital, we have been told by adult toy lovers that there have been occasions where they have gotten a little frisky in a hospital bed. At least with a hospital bed there are curtains on all sides but my goodness every sound could be heard by anyone so no doubt you are going to have to be quiet. Plus, inevitably there are going to be doctors and nurses coming and going all the time. That might be the problem though, adult toy lovers often love nothing more than a good doctor or nurse in their uniform.

If you are going to a wedding soon, then no doubt you will see a friend or family member saying his vows. Lubricating the whole day is usually an abundance of alcohol and there is nothing more potent at reducing inhibitions in people and getting them in the mood for sex.

Subsequently, sex toy lovers have told us that one place they have ended up having sex with a new or old partner has been at a family wedding. One to many glasses of champagne and they have stepped out and found a quiet room to consummate their own urges will the bride and groom are cutting the cake and making speeches. Little do they know their bridesmaids or best man is getting his end away!

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