Strange Sexual Fetishes Part 1

In this next series of articles we are going to have a little fun look at some of the more weird and wonderful sexual fetishes which people engage in. We know how much people love our large silicone dildos and huge silicone dongs but what we don’t know that much about is the array of fetishes that people actually have.

What is a sexual fetish? Essentially a fetish is when a person has a strong sexual desire which can only be sated and gratified by the presence of an object or item of clothing or body part etc. We have previously looked at how sex toy lovers enjoy dressing as human pups, or perhaps they may be drawn to leather clothing. These forms of fetishes are more mainstream and are those that most of us have heard of.

The first of the weird and wonderful fetishes we are going to look at is called xylophilia and is to do with people who are sexually aroused by wood! It may well be that they are turned on when they are in out in the wilderness in a forest. Alternatively they may love the smell and feel of fresh cut wood at the lumber yard. Another example may be the look and feel of an antique wooden carving With this interesting fetish there is a lot of scope. Indeed, there are sex toys and large wooden dildos available on line to cater for just these types of people.

If you are aroused by wood then just make sure that before you go inserting anything anally or vaginally that it is suitable – e.g unlikely to splinter, break in two or cause personal injury. If in doubt it is always better to go for an adult toy made from medical grade platinum silicone. John Thomas Toys offer a fabulous range of body safe, durable sex toys. We even have a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo called ‘Woody’ which looks and feels just like a wooden sex toy.

The next wacky fetish we are going to look at which some sex toy lovers are aroused by is called Stygiophilia. This fetish is when a person is aroused by the concept of hellfire and damnation. For such individuals the idea of the end of the world and the apocalypse serves to seriously stoke their fires. Through role play and the use of adult toys enthusiasts can heighten their pleasure.

On to the next fetish which sounds fancy but I am sure most adults are enticed by this. If you are into Pygophilia then your primary source of sexual arousal is another persons buttocks. Nothing terribly strange here in our opinion. If you are into buttocks then you will absolutely love John Thomas Toys range of large silicone dildos and huge silicone dongs. Our adult toys are great for anal training and anal penetration. Being vac-u-lock compatible they can be used with some sex machines and harnesses. Thereby a partner can penetrate you with your chosen sex toy or you can lay back and let the machine effortlessly service you!

If you love pubic hair on a man or woman then you are said to be into Pubephlia. There seems to be a growing trend especially with women in the adult industry to be removing all of their pubic hair. We think its great that men and women’s pubic hair is being celebrated by sex toy lovers as after all it is the way god made us!

If you love nothing more than being tickled by your partner with a feather (ok this is a little off the wall!) then you are said to be into Pteronphilia. Perhaps this explains the appeal many people had for the now since dearly departed comedian Ken Dodd and his tickle stick!

Do you ever find yourself being sexually aroused when you are cold? Biologically one would hypothesise this should be quite difficult to achieve as your blood within the body is more than likely being diverted to major organs and important muscles to keep you alive rather than gearing you for sex. However, Psychrophlia is a fetish which is linked to being cold or watching others who are cold. Strange to think that people get turned on by the idea of watching their partner freezing cold in outside in the winter, but each to their own.

The final strange sexual fetish which we are going to look at today which sex toy lovers find interesting to read about, is the fetish known as Psellismophilia. This really is an odd thing to be aroused by in our opinion. This is when a person is aroused by another adult with a speech impediment such as a stutter. Perhaps they feel sorry for the individual and feel all maternal to them. It might explain why Gareth Gates was quite the ladies man back in the naughties!

Regardless of your sexual fetish all that matters is that it is not hurting anyone, that it is legal and that you enjoy it. If these all apply then go ahead and indulge. To enhance your sexual play time however, we recommend the introduction of a sex toy or adult toy such as a jumbo silicone dildo or large silicone dong.

John Thomas Toys have an awesome range and our sex toys are built to please.

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