Strange Sexual Fetishes Part 2

In this article we are going to continue looking at the strange, weird and wonderful fetishes that exist. Adult toy lovers find it interesting to find out what other people are aroused by hence the writing of this piece.

If you are sexually aroused by a part of your partners body other than the most obvious (breasts, penis, vagina) then you are said to be into Partialism. This is sexual arousal from body parts such as the thighs. This fetish seems very similar to those that are into feet!

Do you love nothing more than a good foggy day? If that is the case then you are said to be into Nebulophilia. This truly is a bizarre one in our opinion. While most of us see fog and think of delays on the motor way and putting on our fog lights it appears there are those that are biting their lip in anticipation of getting down to it with their partner! If fog does turn you on then the introduction of a sex toy or adult toy can arouse you further. If you are alone on a foggy night then what better time to whip out your large silicone dildo or huge silicone dong and get down to some serious masturbation.

Do you enjoy kissing and sucking on your partners nose?! If you do then this is referred to as Nasolingus. This odd fetish really gets some people off. It may be the recipient or the person performing it (or both) who are aroused by it. NB Nasolingus sounds a lot like Cunnilingus (oral sex to a woman). If you are into Nasolingus ensure the nose is clean and snot free! The addition of a sex toy or adult toy during Nasolingus are also highly recommended to spice things up a bit.

Some extreme fetish enthusiasts like to experience pain in association with sexual arousal they are known as masochists. Masochism is part of BDSM and involves bondage, dominance and punishment and is quite well known. Less well known however, is a fetish called Melissaphilia.

If you are turned on by those little black and yellow insects better known as bees and wasps then that is what you are officially into! No doubt there are some individuals who for example have covered their genitals in honey in the hope they will attract a swarm. This fetish sounds a bit too extreme as you are only one sting away from a severe anaphylactic shock and potentially death.

Perhaps this explains the shortage of bees in the UK at the moment! Much safer than bees and nasty wasp stings are using body safe, hypoallergenic and durable medical grade platinum silicone sex toys. We offer a great range including large silicone dongs, massive silicone anal stretchers and huge silicone dildos.

Do stone and gravel get your juices flowing? If so then this is called Lithophilia. This is truly another peculiar sexual fetish but perhaps is not that odd when you think throughout history early sex toys and adult toys have been made from smooth stone shapes in to phallic penis forms by our ancestors. NB This is not just speculation archaeologists have found dildos believed to have been used thousands of years ago!

If you enjoy using a dildo it is always better to go for body safe sex toys. John Thomas Toys use medical grade platinum silicone and our large silicone dildos are great for anal and vaginal penetration.

Similar to the bee and wasp fetish is Formicophilia. If insects do it for you then this is the name of your fetish. If you like nothing more than allowing a beetle to crawl over your crown jewels then your a formicophile. Not something we would personally recommend to be honest, we think sex toys and adult toys are much more sensible. The use of a large silicone dildo can be greatly incorporated to stimulate a woman’s g-spot and induce a powerful orgasm. Alternatively a huge silicone dong may be great to produce a prostate massage for a man and they can too reach orgasm swiftly.

Do you like falling down stairs? No seriously do you? Yes this is very weird but some people actually are turned on by it or of watching it happen to others! This is known as Climacophilia. Perhaps if this is your thing then rather than using adult toys, you have trained to become a stunt man or woman! To avoid any unwanted fractures it’s much safer to just fantasize about falling down the stairs than to actually do it! Better to just to invest in a durable and body safe sex toy from John Thomas Toy such as a jumbo silicone dong.

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