Strange Sexual Fetishes Part 4

Continuing our interesting and humorous look at strange sexual fetishes we have found some more brow raising topics for you to learn about.

Spectrophilia is a new one on us. If the notion of having sex with a paranormal entity turns you on then this one is for you. If you are sexually drawn to ghosts, poltergeists and other spirits then this is your field of sexual play and what you are liable to think of as you use our large silicone dongs and jumbo silicone dildos in the bedroom. Perhaps if you use our adult toys with a compatible sex machine (also known as a fucking machine) you can lay back and imagine a ghoul is penetrating and having its way with you.

Knismophiles love their sexual partners to tickle them all over! Tickling in conjunction with sex toys and adult toys is a great means of foreplay before penetration. It may be that enthusiasts find the tickling both stimulating and also a means of relaxing and reminding them to enjoy their sex lives and not become bogged down in seriousness including anxious thoughts such as “will I satisfy my partner”, “am I attractive enough naked?”. Yes a good tickle with your partner is a great ice breaker especially if your love making has become a bit predictable and robotic.

Perhaps you can incorporate your adult toy, such as a large silicone dildo into the tickling. Perhaps you could use the glans head of the sex toy to tickle your partners anus, perineum or clitoris. However you use tickling and sex toys it is indisputable that they can make for great fun and help you both build up to powerful orgasms.

The next fetish we are going to look at is called menophilia. While we have heard of men being drawn to women during ovulation (the part of their menstrual cycle when they are most fertile and able to conceive), for some men they are attracted at an unusual time.

Menophiles are sexually attracted to women who are menstruating (on their periods). Furthermore, they are more likely to self ingratiate by implying that they are more of a man because they are not put off by the women bleeding.

As an alternative to vaginal penetration when a woman is menstruating, anal sex is a good suggestion. To train the anus for penile penetration it is prudent to use a quality sex toy such as a platinum silicone butt plug. All John Thomas Toys butt plugs come in 4 different sizes to cater for the newbie and the professional. Anal penetration always requires plenty of appropriate lubricant. Before commencing in any anal play, empty the bowels and clean the area thoroughly.

This next sexual fetish is seriously going to turn a lot of people off. If you drawn to Eproctophilia then you are sexually aroused by flatulence. I find it hard to believe that some adults actually get off on their partners gas but each to their own!

For most people, for their partner to pass wind would be enough to put them off engaging in any sexual activity. It is what is known as a passion killer, however some people (more commonly men apparently) love nothing more. These men love it particularly when they meet a very attractive woman who is able to generate toxic farts.

If you are one of these such women then you may find your choice of sexual partners few and far between as a consequence. Don’t let your sexual desires go unfulfilled though and instead invest in a quality sex toy and enjoy some alone masturbation time. John Thomas Toys have a vast range of platinum silicone adult toys which are geared towards vaginal penetration, g-spot stimulation, clitoral stimulation as well as anal play.

Indeed, John Thomas Toys also have a sex toy which you can use to penetrate the anus and vagina simultaneously. Furthermore, these adult toys are so versatile that they can be attached to a compatible sex machine or fucking machine.

Via the vacuum hole they can attach to a vac-u-lock adaptor upon the machine. Provided the machine can suitably handle a large silicone dong (silicone is also quite weighty) then you can indulge in penetrative heaven if you are all alone due to your flatulence.

Flatulence is usually caused by diet so there is help if you want to improve it! Otherwise enjoy our sex toys alone. We particularly recommend the 16” varieties for the very experienced user – they are huge silicone dongs and can be used anally or vaginally and capable of producing very pleasing anal gaping.

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