Strange Sexual Fetishes Part 5

In this article again we are continuing the theme of strange sexual fetishes.

Macrophiles often use sex toys or adult toys when they masturbate and fantasize about being penetrated by giants. If you are a macrophille then you will absolutely love our jumbo silicone dongs and huge silicone dildos.

If you close your eyes and insert one of these sex toys you can truly visualise that they belong to a giant. You can feel the awesome power of these wide girthed shafts and take yourself into orgasm heaven.

Giant silicone dildos do have a vacuum hole so could potentially be fitted to a sex harness or fucking machine (also known as a sex machine) However, the reality is that as sex toys they are liable to be far too big and too heavy for your sex machine to be able to hold it, let alone thrust it and penetrate you.

Please read all the specifications of your chosen John Thomas sex toy before you order it. This way you avoid disappointment and the inconvenience of having to do a return. Provided you haven’t broken the factory shrink wrap then you may obtain an RMA on your adult toy and return it to us for a refund or exchange. Our policy in regard to platinum silicone toys is in conjunction with the 2015 Consumer Rights Act.

John Thomas adult toys all come with a 365 day warranty. We pride ourselves on this being quick and easy and ‘quibble free’ for our customers. If the sex toy has developed a fault then we will exchange it for another quickly for you. Terms and conditions do apply though.

N.B When you purchase your sex toy from us, e.g. a large silicone dong, you have the option to extend the warranty to either 3 years or lifetime cover. It is sensible to protect you sex toy as it is an investment and because they are so versatile and durable, they are not cheap products and one’s which you will want to look after.

Changing the subject somewhat now. If you were to see someone retching and vomiting would you be liable to walk away and feel a little queasy yourself? Indeed might it be enough to induce you to be sick? These are quite normal reactions however emetophiles are sexually aroused when they see another person vomiting. This is another truly bizarre sexual fetish which I find hard to believe.

What I fathom to understand is how the smell of the vomit combined with stomach acids may illicit sexual arousal and not the complete opposite? The mind surely boggles..

On to the next topic quickly now. Men and women who enjoy adult toys are sometimes aroused by balloons. This is a much more appealing fetish than the last one! Indeed they love nothing more that getting naked and having the squidgy sensation of a balloon pressing against their erogenous zones. Some men and women like to place balloons between them and their partner and find it very stimulating. The only problem is during high passion you may get a little carried away and pop your balloon. Far better we think to use an adult toy like a platinum silicone dildo to make things a bit more interesting.

If clowns and mimes are your sexual interest then you are drawn to coulrophilia.

Coulrophiles love nothing more than the fantasy of a clown having their way with you. Coupled with their made up face and funny clothing and oversize shoes they can get really worked up!

It may not just be clowns and mimes it may also be jesters. Presumably it must be something about those cute little costumes they wear with all those bells!

With clowns however, perhaps its their darker portrayal in recent feature films which make people scared but also highly aroused?

Some couples have one person dressed as a clown in their sexual role play. The clown then pretends to come after the other armed with a large silicone dong determined to have their way with them!

If you enjoy clown role playing John Thomas Toys have a fantastic range of large silicone dongs which perfectly compliment your enjoyment!

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