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Updated: May 14, 2020

We have been looking at some of the other kinds of adult toys which are on the market which men and women may be interested in purchasing. Some customers like to use their platinum silicone dildo or large silicone dong and another sex toy at the same time. A good example is when a huge silicone dildo is inserted anally or vaginally and a woman trains a handheld vibrator onto their clitoris.

Some men irrespective of their sexual orientation like to experience anal play. Some men may use a platinum silicone dong anally and at the same time stimulate their penis. One such way in which they may achieve this is by incorporating a male masturbation device. We have previously alluded to such sex toys when we referred to Fleshlights and Megabators.

These type of male masturbators are made to either simulate the feel and sensation of the man being inside a vagina or anus. Alternatively, they may rotate or vibrate or pulse in order to arouse the man and help him achieve his orgasm and subsequent ejaculation.

There are other kinds of male sex toys which are relevant to this discussion and they are those which utilise vacuums and air pressure to stimulate the glans (the head of the penis) as well as the shaft.

One such example is the Suck O Mat. This sex toy has been designed to reproduce an authentic oral sex experience of which they would perhaps have received from their sexual partner in the past. If a man has never received oral sex then obviously he would have nothing to compare to though!

On of the benefits of this sex toy is that it can be used hand free. While it is true that the Fleshlight male masturbators could be attached to a sex machine, most men tend to use these types of toys by hand.

The Suck O Mat is aptly named as it essentially produces a suction effect on the man’s penis. This adult toy features a range of speeds and levels of pressure which means you should be potentially able to find a setting which is ideal for you.

Inside this sex toy you will find a soft silicone fleshy sleeve and once on you can expect rhythmic pulsations liable to make you reach your climax swiftly. Suction male masturbation devices are not a new thing but they are becoming ever popular. Indeed, most men are intrigued to try them out especially if they have ever looked curiously at the end of the hoover pipe!

The Suck O Mat is nicely packaged and is a reasonable entry level sex toy for men but if you want to experience something out of this world you probably need to invest in something a little more expensive or find yourself a sexual partner willing to oblige!

If you are single and sexually frustrated then this adult toy is likely to be a reasonably satisfying investment. Why not however, if you have not already done so, try incorporating some anal stimulation into the mix. A lot of men do not realise that anal stimulation can be very enjoyable. Although gay and bisexual men regularly indulge in anal play, a lot of hetero men think it is off limits as it infringes on their sexuality and right to be considered a red blooded man.

If you are curious to try a sex toy anally then a small platinum silicone dildo from John Thomas Toys is an excellent first choice. As the male has a small walnut sized gland inside their anus they can - if careful - stimulate this area and facilitate a powerful orgasm. An equivalent sex toy which men might like to try also utilises air and pressure. It is known as the Venus for Men.

This appears to be the best male male masturbator on the market at present. We will perhaps look at this adult toy on another occasion. This sex machine is manufactured by Abco and they are responsible for the amazing Sybian sex machine which has been a wonder for millions of women around the world. Indeed, it is often touted as the pinnacle in female gratification – therefore, if their male counterpart offering is anything like that it is going to be an amazing experience!

Regardless of what sex toy or adult toy you decide upon, they can potentially open up a fun new avenue of sexual exploration alone or with your partner. If used with your partner they can help to improve your relationship if you are both sexually fulfilled. Plus they interject some mischief into the bedroom and help make it a more lighthearted affair.

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