In this article we are going to continue the theme of looking at sexual fetishes and interests which adults who enjoy sex toys and adult toys often indulge in.

Today we are going to look at swinging. Swinging is also referred to as wife-swapping and in essence involves a committed couple being non-monogamous.

Basically you have for example a married couple who on occasion have sex with different partners to the full knowledge of their husbands/wives.

If you are swinger then you have what is referred to as an ‘open relationship’. Therefore the usual rules of infidelity do not apply however you are still expected to be honest with your partner about what you have done or indeed intend to do.

Couples who ‘swing’ are by no means the norm and the majority of couples are monogamous (or at least don’t up own to being unfaithful!).

There have been many explanations for swinging behaviour which researchers have uncovered.

One of the main justifications has been that the couple who swing are more likely to have greater sexual satisfaction and also a higher frequency of sexual experiences.

Some swingers suggest that swinging is a means to combat the high levels of divorce. Through wife-swapping both partners get to fulfil their fantasies without any deceit.

While it is true that for some swingers participation can lead to the end of their relationships, many more suggest that it actually strengthens it.

Swingers are also liable to enjoy sex toys and adult toys in their experimentation with different partners. The best sex toys are those that are made from medical grade platinum silicone as they are body safe and hypoallergenic. If you wish to allow others to use your adult toys then they can be safely sterilized in boiling water beforehand.

Swingers are liable to experience higher levels of sexual satisfaction and even enjoyment of life. Presumably because of the variety and excitement of being with different people.

It has been suggested that swinging was popularised following the sexual revolution. This occurred in the 1960’s and was effected by such things as the introduction of the Pill and effective treatments for STD’s.

When AIDS became headline news in the 1980’s it was reported that swingers changed their behaviours. Swingers still practice around the world but many are very careful in regard to putting themselves at risk of infection. Some still have sex bare-back (without contraception) but many are more sensible.

A classic and popularised version of swinging is when at a party men put their car keys into a bowl. Later women take turns to pick out a set of keys and whomever the keys belong to gets together for sex with her.

If you enjoy swinging then one way to really further heighten your pleasure and that of the person you swing with, is by bringing with you a sex toy such a large silicone dildo.

Large silicone dongs and dildos are designed for anal and vaginal penetration. Many people use them for masturbation alone or in front of a partner or as a means of foreplay before they have sexual intercourse.

Swingers consistently express higher levels of happiness compared to non-swingers and women within relationships also repeatedly state that swinging has given them more of a sense of control and mastery of their lives and their sexuality.

However you swing and for whatever reasons please enjoy so responsibly and do not put yourself at risk of infection.

Using our medical grade platinum silicone dongs can add some added spice into your bedroom play and you are liable to also want to use them with your 9-5 husbands and wives too.

John Thomas Toys prides itself on discretion and quality of customer service. Our adult toys are of a first class quality and we offer a 365 day quibble free return policy in the unlikely event that a problem occurs.

We have over 15 years experience within the adult toy industry and are obsessed with customer satisfaction.

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