Tattoo Fetish

This next fetish which some adult toy lovers are drawn to is called Tattoo Fetish.

Having a tattoo applied is often uncomfortable, sometimes relaxing and hypnotic and occasionally darn right painful. Some sex toy lovers like to give and receive tattoos in order to gain sexual arousal.

Because tattooing human skin involves a vibrating needle sending ink into your body the first thing that springs to mind is that this act is liable to be seen as a form of punishment.

Punishment is key to the role playing games in BDSM. Indeed, being able to discipline your partner with physical pain is one way to exert your power. If you enjoy giving pain to your partner then you are deemed a sadist and if you enjoy having painful experiences then you are a masochist.

It may be that those that enjoy tattoo fetish like the fantasy of their hunky tattooist seducing them after they have just inked their body.

Alternatively it may be that the sex toy lovers just want to leave a permanent mark on their partner to record the sex session they are currently engaging in.

In extreme tattoo fetish, it may be that your partner tattoos your penis or breasts or uses the threat of tattoo as a form of intimidation.

Aside from tattooing one another as a means of gaining arousal, some couples like to tattoo themselves in advance of being with their partner. It may be that they have chosen to tattoo intimate parts of their body which only their partner will be allowed to see.

Tattooing the body is not a million miles from body modification such as extreme piercing and is considered sexually arousing by a lot of adults.

Indeed, there is a new trend these days for heavily tattooed arms (sleeves) which are often seen a status symbol particularly amongst footballers. Having a body adorned with a lot of art work tells your partner that you are worldly and experienced and also strong as you are not averse to pain.

Some couples go so far as to tattoo their sex toy loving partner’s name upon their body. Always best to ensure you want to stay with that person for the rest of your life though as tattoo removal is even more painful than application and very costly!

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