Telephone scatologia – fetish for heavy breathing phone calls

We are looking at sexual fetishes and have uncovered quite a few weird and wonderful ones. Some seem relatively harmless and like good honest fun which lovers of sex toys or adult toys such as platinum silicone dongs can enjoy without any concerns.

While we are not looking at particularly disturbing sexual fetishes because they do not warranty the attention we are skirting around some of the less desirable ones.

Today we are briefly looking at Telephone Scatologia. This sexual fetish is basically when an individual needs to make obscene phone calls to other adults in order to illicit a sexual arousal response within themselves.

We believe that having a healthy sex life is paramount to feeling good and positive about yourself and your relationship.

Sexual well-being is an area of adult life which for too long has been either ignored or played down as being relevant. Nowadays however there is now a growing understanding that as humans, with sexual motivations, expressing our desires in a reasonable and acceptable manner is very healthy and good for us.

More and more we are hearing about couples going to see sex therapists so that they can have a more fulfilling sex life. We have mainstream supermarkets selling some sex toys and adult toys in amongst the condoms and lubricants. We have men and women who have been unable to reach orgasm discovering sex machines which can boost them incredibly.

Positive expressions of sexuality is a good thing, but in this writers opinion it needs to be respectful and obviously legal.

There is no harm in masturbating alone or with a partner while using a sex toy or adult toy such as a vibrator or large silicone dong. Indeed these accessories can enhance and bring great levels of fulfilment and enjoyment into the bedroom.

I believe we need to respect one another though. If you have a fetish for making obscene phone calls then you are basically saying “I cannot get aroused unless I talk explicitly to a stranger on the telephone”.

While very occasionally it is feasible that the obscene phone call enthusiast may find someone who they talk to is receptive and consensual in what they are talking about. However it is likely that the vast majority of the time the person who receives the unsolicited phone call is likely to find it disturbing, upsetting, disrespectful and invasive.

More traditionally receiving a heavy breather phone call may have been trivialised and dismissed. However the reality of another adult phoning us up while they are masturbating purely to arouse themselves has nothing to it which is reasonable.

If you need to make obscene phone calls to get turned on then the best advice is to talk to a specialist. Phoning people up to talk “dirty” to them is unkind and can be traumatic for the other person.

There are sex therapists who can help you channel your sexual needs and urges into a more acceptable and respectable format.

It would be far better if you could find a sexual partner to be intimate with rather than making prank calls of a disturbing nature.

If this is your particular fetish perhaps you could role play making these phone calls with a consenting partner at least this way you would not be enforcing your sexual needs on others.

If you have not got a sexual partner and wish to stay single it would be a far better expression of your sexual drive to masturbate using a platinum silicone dong or male masturbator.

Many male masturbators and platinum silicone dongs such as a large silicone dildo could also be attached to a compatible sex machine or fucking machine.

That way you can be penetrated or masturbated hands free. You can just effortlessly enjoy it – plus no one else needs to be offended...

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